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Dr Harleen Quinzel has a theory mental illness is a survival mechanism As she seeks to help the broken souls of Gotham City piece together their sanity she will become the one thing she fears the most one of them A bold new retelling of the tragic origin of Harley Quinn told through the eyes of

Glass Town

This is a graphic novel based on the Bront juvenilia, created by all four of the Bront children over the span of their childhoods and into adulthood The book covers their real lives the fascinating story of their childhood on the Yorkshire Moors, but also delves into the complex imaginary


Kat Leyh s Snapdragon is a magical realist graphic novel about a young girl who befriends her town s witch and discovers the strange magic within herself Snap s town had a witch At least, that s how the rumor goes But in reality, Jacks is just a crocks wearing, internet savvy old lady who sells

Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating Your Best Friend

Why bother getting out of bed when you could stay bundled up with that special someone and a book of cozy, cute comics From the author of the bestselling Little Moments of Love comes Snug, a collection of comics that perfectly captures the honest, playful, and relatable snapshots of romantic

Go to Sleep (I Miss You): Cartoons from the Fog of New Parenthood

Lucy Knisley is one of the great memoirists of the graphic novel format Following the completion of her pregnancy memoir KID GLOVES and the birth of her baby , Lucy embarked on a new project documenting new motherhood in short, spontaneous little cartoons, which she posted on her Instagram, and

This Brilliant Darkness: A Book of Strangers

In the spirit of James Agee and W G Sebald, a profound work of literary art wedded to photographs As a journalist suddenly skeptical of the power of words to tell the deepest truths of other peoples stories, Jeff Sharlet turned to taking snapshots and posting them on Instagramimages that he then

Shadow of the Batgirl

Cassandra Cain, teenage assassin, isn t exactly Batgirl materialnot yet, at least But when Batgirl goes missing from Gotham, can Cassandra defy her destiny and take on a heroic mantle of her very own Cassandra Cain is the daughter of super villains and a living weapon trained from birth to be

Indoor Recess (Lumberjanes, Vol. 13)

On a rainy day at Lumberjanes camp, the Roanokes explore tabletop gaming with bonus magic , and the underground tunnels beneath the Mess Hall.The woods surrounding Miss Qinzella Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpets Camp for Hardcore Lady Types are home to incredible magical critters and beings than

But Like Maybe Don't?: What Not to Do When Dating: An Illustrated Guide

The creator of the Instagram sensation But Like Maybe takes us on an illustrated journey through her worst dating mistakes a hilarious, hopeful guide to what you need to get wrong in love before you get it right Arianna Margulis s pen was set aflame when a boyfriend took her for a walk in Central

Giant Days Vol. 12

Its never a quiet day at the University of Sheffield as best friends Esther, Susan and Daisy try do regular things like solving comic book shop capers, attending McGraws brothers wedding and Daisy learning to drive OH MY GOD WERE ALL DOOMED Meanwhile, Ed has to have a hard conversation with his

The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire Part Three

Kuvira s true nature is revealed, and the Earth Kingdom will feel the consequences Thanks to Commander Guan and Doctor Sheng s brainwashing technology, all hope for a fair election in the Earth Kingdom is lost Korra works with Toph, Su, and Kuvira to plan a means to rescue not just the brainwashed

Die, Vol. 2: Split the Party

No one can escape DIE until everyone agrees to go home Or rather, no one can escape DIE until everyone who is alive agrees to go home The second arc of the commercial and critical hit of bleakly romantic fantasy fiction starts to reveal the secrets of the world, and our heroes pasts Yes, they

Zatanna & the House of Secrets

Welcome to the magical, mystical, topsy turvy world of the House of Secrets, where Zatanna embarks on a journey of self discovery and adventure all with her pet rabbit, Pocus, at her side Zatanna and her professional magician father live in a special house, the House of Secrets, which is full of