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[Read] ➳ Cows ➻ Matthew Stokoe – Justinfoline.us
  • ebook
  • 188 pages
  • Cows
  • Matthew Stokoe
  • 07 December 2019
  • 9781617750175

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    In the book COWS by Matthew Stokoe we meet twenty five year old Stephen Stephen lives holed up in his room, watching perfect lives on TV, dreaming of what it would be like to be safe, to be happy, to be loved and to be normal Yet this is not to be Stephen who lives with his mother, whom he calls The Hogbeast , and is convinced she is trying to kill him with her cooking and smother him with her hate He also has a pet dog named DOG, whom is his only friend, and who s back has been broken by The HogBeast by flinging a brick at the dog.Coincidentally, Stephen has started a new job at the slaughter house as the meat grinder the end of the line so to speak His new boss Cripps, an insane slaughter house foreman who preaches the gospel of self empowerment through killing, encourages Stephen to become one of the cow killers the beginning of the line in order to become a real man.Into the mix of bizarre characters we meet Lucy, the girl who lives in the apartment upstairs and spends her nights searching for the toxins she knows are collecting inside her body and who is obsessed with vivisection, and starts to believe there may be a ray of light in Stephen...

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    Scene A pleasant summer day in the English Peak District A guy is walking through the breathtaking Derbyshire countryside The pathway takes him through a field In the field, a herd of cows First cow I don t believe it it s him, Gloria it s him Second cow Gloria Oh Roxanne, now what Roxanne I m telling you look, it s that God damned Matthew Stokoe Gloria Oh, come on now, you re obsessed How would you know There s no pictures of Matthew Stokoe anywhere remember we were googling on Clara s laptop the other day, after milking time Not one picture, and there s none on any of his books like most human authors do And when you actually read this filth, you can quite see why Moo.Roxanne Well, I didn t tell you, but I got this faxed to me She produces a dog eared photocopied page from her handbag and holds it up It s a blurry photo of a 30 something white guy taken with a telephoto lens in bad light It could be anybody This is him.Gloria Where d you get that Roxanne It s going round all the herds Some cow from Buxton sent it to me Concentrate it s him it s that guy there.Roxanne unconvinced Well, maybe But you know, all humans kind of look alike to me It s hard to tell the men from the women even I think you re talking to the wrong cow Gloria exasperated Moo Deirdre having overh...

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    At the center of this story is a man who has never known love or nurturing Life is ugly a beast to be fought and hidden from The real world resides in the light of television, where lives are organized and people know exactly what to do This book offers up a broken soul who cannot cope with the outside world When he is introduced to brutality through his job in a slaughterhouse, he senses a change in his directionl...

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    This is the most depraved thing I have ever read, yet was compelled onward for the first 2 3rds of the novel, as the parade of grotesqueries are presented so poetically, it was hard to stop Still, I eventually did stop I could not finish the book with only 40 pages left to go Why didn t I finish it when I was that close to the end Why didn t I just power through Because no one is making me, and I don t have to if I don t want to It was just too much, over and over, without respite, and and while there was a clear story that was progressing, once I realized I was not going to connect to the main character as the book intended, I grew as bored as I was disgusted by what I was reading I m still giving this 3 stars though, because although I personally couldn t complete it, I could understand and appreciate what it was trying to do And it was written quite beautifully Really well written Point is enter the world of Cows at your own risk.UPDATE I couldn t ...

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    Matthew Stokoe, Cows Creation Books, 1997 I m not normally one to preface a review, or even mention in a review, when a book is not appropriate for certain audiences I hope to have duped a few of the weak stomached into reading, say, Peter Sotos or Pan Pantziarka, because they deserve being read But I m going to start this one by saying, quite bluntly, Cows is not for everyone In fact, Cows may not be for anyone It is scatological, offensive, disgusting, filled to the brim with sex, violence, and sexual violence, and is probably capable of inciting nausea in those who are perfectly capable of sitting through atrocity footage and watch driving school videos for fun.Cows is also visionary, brilliant, amazingly complex, a must on my ten best reads of the year list, and the second full length piece of fiction I have finished in less than twenty four hours this year It s not only so nasty you can t look away, but it is supremely, blindingly great.Matthew Stokoe s debut novel can best be summarized as follows Take a healthy dollop of Horatio Alger tempered with a dash of Alger Hiss , mix in a good dose of China Mieville s King Rat, a shot of Robert Bloch, add a couple of jiggers o...

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    I ll be totally honest with you I might have given this book higher than three stars if not for the fear of what doing so might make people think of me.First, the good news The story that Stokoe lays out in Cows is a road map of the development of a hypothetical sociopath murderer The twisted tale follows the protagonist if you can really call him that from his abusive mother, through a metamorphosis of sorts brought on by abuse , and beyond Stokoe s writing is very good in that it will make the reader privy to the delusions and pressures within the character s mind while almost making sense of the insane thought processes.The bad news is that so much of the understanding of the character comes from the sheer, incredible nastiness of the narrative During the course of this relatively short novel the main character Steven is involved with whether as a player or a spectator bestiality, coprophagia, rape, murder, and mutilation of such grand and graphic extremes that I cannot recommend this book to anyone I don t want to be responsible for anyone diving into this one.As I mentioned, if you can dig down through the horrid scenarios, this books has some redeeming qualities They are hard to find, though, and the book is most assuredly not for any but the most stout and difficult to shock reade...

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    A heartwarming tale of friendship, love and courage.

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    I find it completely shocking that so many people have given this book 4 and 5 star ratingscertainly the most disturbing aspect I ve never read something so ridiculous, so poorly written, so completely embarassing in terms of extreme literature If sophomoric, gross out fairy tales are your thing, then go for it Honestly, it could have been written by a group of 13 year old boys with a wardrobe full of black trench coats, indulging in a creative writing circle jerk The gore horror perversions in this novel are formulaic and completely predictablethe literary equivalent of 2 Girls, 1 Cup I m not squeamish I m not a prude This is just bad writing, full stop It s shocking by numbers talking cows, blood and guts, bestiality, coprophilia, all handled with a complete lack of imagination The only redeeming thing about this book is that it s short, so you don t waste a huge amount of your lif...

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    I can t give this book a higher rating than 1 star, it was a well written book but it is so beyond sick twisted and depraved it should have it s own freakn category for how fucked up it is Several times when reading it I thought I was going to lose it, I didn t I kept going and posting updates, but an hour after it was done and I was sitting here thinking about it the gagging started and promptly tossed my cookies.I can t recommend this book to anybody, ever I saw the symbolism and got that the author was trying to make a statement and all that shit, but really HELL TO THE NO Th...

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    3 4 MOOOOO ving Stars I think this is one of the hardest reviews I have ever had to do Deep down, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Cows , but on the surface, it was a bit hard to get past the shock factor I was recommended this book and thought What the Hell and then it was pointed out to me that it was in a genre called Bizzaro Fiction.so my nosey mind just had to look up what it meant and all the other books which fell into this So picture me on a Friday at workjust adding book after book to my TBR shelf Bizzaro Fiction Bizarro fiction is a contemporary literary genre, which often uses elements of absurdism, satire, and the grotesque, along with pop surrealism and genre fiction staples, in order to create subversive works that are as weird and entertaining as possible.When I first picked up this book, I believed it was about a bunch of cows who turn into some type of Zombie Apocalypse and start killing and eating human beings Lo and behold.I was wrong but not so far off the mark.Throughout the book, I kept thinking.wowyeah, that really makes a statement.and damn..I never thought of it that way before I started copying a lot of the dialogue which really TOUCHED meand I ended up with pages upon pages of quotes I woul...

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