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The house at sea's endA Team Of Archaeologists, Investigating Coastal Erosion On The North Norfolk Coast, Unearth Six Bodies Buried At The Foot Of A Cliff How Long Have They Been There What Could Have Happened To Them Forensics Expert Ruth Galloway And DCI Nelson Are Drawn Together Again To Unravel The Past Tests Reveal That The Bodies Have Lain, Preserved In The Sand, For Sixty Years The Mystery Of Their Deaths Stretches Back To The Second World War, A Time When Great Britain Was Threatened By Invasion But Someone Wants The Truth Of The Past To Stay Buried, And Will Go To Any Lengths To Keep It That Way Even Murder About The Author Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway Novels Take For Their Inspiration Elly S Husband, Who Gave Up A City Job To Train As An Archaeologist, And Her Aunt Who Lives On The Norfolk Coast And Who Filled Her Niece S Head With The Myths And Legends Of That Area Elly Has Two Children And Lives Near Brighton The House At Sea S End Is Her Third Crime Novel.

[PDF / Epub] ✎ The house at sea's end ☂ Elly Griffiths – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 390 pages
  • The house at sea's end
  • Elly Griffiths
  • 22 October 2018
  • 9781849163651

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    This is the third book in this series I enjoyed it less than the first two I read, so allow me to elaborate a bit on them.The first book, The Crossing Places, was very chilling, and included pagan lore, history, and archaeology I fell in love with the descriptions of the freezing salt marshes, the birds, the lonely cottage The Janus Stone included Roman history, which I m very interested in I think the real pull for me with these books was the inclusion of my interests in great mystery plots Between the salt marsh and the history and mythology, what s not to love I think my issue with the series first developed with the Janus Stone Ruth, the main character, seems to get caught up in the center of a lot of drama that doesn t have much to do with her Her character isn t compelling enough to attract so much attention She s a well drawn character, but a little...

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    This book was a very good addition to the Ruth Galloway series The archeological aspect centers on the 1940 German invasion of the Norfolk shore and deaths of six German soldiers Ruth is learning just what motherhood involves and the depths of her maternal feelings As a single mother, she s struggling with the work motherhood juggle, and several people are assisting with Kate s care I m glad this book finally dealt with Nelson s guilt, but I m not as sure as Cathbad is about ...

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    I m liking this series and , it s a very enjoyable story with a little police work than forensic archeology this time.

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    Despite belatedly coming to the novels of Elly Griffiths and meeting the unashamedly down to earth Dr Ruth Galloway, head of forensic archaeology at the University of North Norfolk, I have quickly fallen in love with this ultimate feel good series The House at Sea s End, the third outing in the series, is once again an engaging mix of character development amongst the regular cast and an excellent mystery which kept me puzzling until the very end Set against the Norfolk coastline where the treacherous weather is no stranger, Elly Griffiths delivers plenty of archaeological tidbits which allow the reader to fully engage with the story and the benefit of feeling like an armchair expert This novel opens with Ruth giving birth to her daughter by DCI Harry Nelson, but pretty soon she is keen to resume her career and finding that single motherhood is quite a juggling act, leaving her filled with guilt at every moment she spends away from her daughter and dependent on an assorted brigade of babysitters As a keen radio 4 listener, the debates on Woman s Hour surrounding having it all , have never seemed relevant Having been back at work for several weeks, Ruth s ...

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    Really enjoying this series because all of the recurring characters are interesting people, I love the British countryside, the writing is smooth and easy to fall into, and the audio narration is well done In addition, it s a myst...

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    The House at Sea s End by Elly Griffith.Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist, is a new mother of Kate Ruth is having a hard time of juggling her work at the university, her archaeological interests and her new born baby It seems daytime baby care doesn t last long enough and she finds herself needing someon...

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    This is the third and now my favorite in Griffiths Ruth Galloway series The characters continue to develop, both the primary and the many good and important secondary ones I really like the windswept and somewhat bleak Norfolk setting that seems to add to the story Here, the personal details of the protagonists lives become as ...

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    I couldn t put this book, the 3rd in the series, down I stumbled on this author by accident Each book has not failed to grab my imagination Her main character, Ruth Galloway, a forensic anthropologist,is down to earth, flawed, intelligent,a self doubting human being with a heart of gold Ruth finds her way through life as best she can Just like the rest of us.In this installment, on the coast of Norfolk, we are returned to a time of fear and hatred during WWII When six decomposed bodies are found by a survey team after the sea eroded away a cliff face, Ruth is called in to help with identification I don t want to give anything away but I do want to point out that through t...

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    Number three in the series and I m still in love with the Ruth Galloway books.In this installment which, I guess, could be read as a stand alone , Ruth continues to be a strong independent character Her baby is around the four month mark, and she is tying not to let the fact she is now a mother rule her every waking moment But like all women, she ll need to work out how to juggle a baby and a career, and do so without being bitten by the guilt bug Griffiths writes these scenes so well I m going to assume she has had some experience in this department Six bodies are found near a cliff in Norfolk DCI Nelson once again consults archaeologist Ruth and her expert opinion soon claims the bodies were killed during WW2 The murder storyline was much better than the last book Janus Stone , I thought Its plot was completely different from the other two books and it was a nice change up I enjoy anything written about England during WW2, so this was right up my alley But let s face it, the murder mystery part of the plot is really only a secondary concern I m absolutely addicted to the soap opera of Ruth and Harry s relationship My ethical and ...

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    Truth or Legend The House at Sea s End is another fun Griffiths mystery Archeologist professor and sometime police adviser Ruth Galloway is in the throes of new motherhood as she turns 40 She s feeling happy but a bit freaked out trying to do it all by herself She doesn t want the father s help so she muddles on Then a friend from decades past who she s shared some traumatic history with invites herself on an extended stay with Ruth They met on a Bosnian dig where their goal was to recover and identify massacred people Not a fun job As the book opens Deputy Chief Inspector Nelson calls on Ruth once again to help date and possibly identify a stash of bodies found right off the coast of Norwich The bodies have just recently been found due to unprecedented beach erosion Together Ruth and Nelson begin to unravel long hidden war secrets a...

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