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Hellogon Peter Craig Has Been Trained From Childhood As A Fifth Columnist For The British Empire He Thinks He Has Been Expelled From The Establishment For Murder.The Truth Will Take Him To Other Worlds And Lies Will Be His Only Hope Of Salvation.Can He Save Two Worlds Or Will He Destroy One Or Both Of Them Is He A Hero Or A Villain

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    I read the original version of John Booth s Shaddowdon a while back and enjoyed it so much that I read it to one of my sons too.However, I reckon Hellogon is even better In fact it is definitely scary, not so much at the time as afterwards, when you come to think about it and realise that it is giving you a very unsettling insight into how real politicians, diplomats and secret services the Establishment calculate and strategise.The tale is classic Harry Potter a teenager who doesn t realise he is born to greatness suddenly finds that he has an unwelcome and burdensome job to do in this case to save his race that happens to be a race most of us would have our doubts about saving.However, the theme of Hellogon is somewhat the reverse to that of Harry Potter and its core message is diametrically opposite.It is also good to see a ...

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    This is an excellent read Great characters, vivid descriptive material which adds depth and texture The plot is clear and easy to follow pulling the reader in Original and imaginative.

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