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Halloween PieThe Scent Of Old Witch S Scrumptious Halloween Pie Lures Vampire And Ghoul, Ghost And Banshee, Zombie And Skeleton, From Their Lairs For A Midnight Feast This Wonderful Read Aloud Romp, Full Of Spooky Sounds And Midnight Magic, Is Sure To Be A Halloween Favorite.

!!> Download ➾ Halloween Pie ➹ Author Michael O. Tunnell – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 24 pages
  • Halloween Pie
  • Michael O. Tunnell
  • English
  • 02 March 2019
  • 9780688168049

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    I don t know why the overall rating is so low for this book, I find it a well balanced Halloween story for kids It s spooky enough, but not too mean My son and I enjoyed reading it before Halloween.

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    After baking a scrumptious pumpkin pie as a Halloween treat for herself, Old Witch casts a clever spell to protect it, and then sets out into the night to make some mischief In her absence, the wind blows down her chimney and out her window, wafting the scent of the delicious treat toward the nearby graveyard, where Vampire, Ghoul, Ghost, Banshee, Zombie and Skeleton find it irresistible Gobbling down the Old Witch s pie, the six companions seem impervious at first to her protective spell, untilAlthough I love pumpkin pie what would autumn be without it with a name like Halloween Pie, I think I expected something a little exotic, when it came to Old Witch s specia...

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    That was an interesting and fun Halloween story An assembly of scary creatures eating a pie a witch has put a protecting spell on I love how the spell works And still everyone is happy in the end I m not sure if I could make it exciting enough for a Book Time Maybe for PreK But repeating the names of each creature as much as it does would seem a bit tedious It did to me, any how Plus, I don t think I would be able to read all of the epitaphs on the gravestones and that s worth reading the book 10 31 12 11 1 12 This worked Not fabulous, but not bad Kids followed the story They loved smelling and eating the pie Made me hungry for some each time They were confused by some of the creatures not the typical scary creatures they know yet ...

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    Halloween Pie is a really fun book for this time of the year Your kids will learn about a mischievous witch who makes a very special pie This story has vampires, ghosts, skeletons and ghouls There is also a very special treat in the back a recipe for H...

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    Nice spooky atmosphere, suspenseful spell placed by a witch, and a dramatic ending I would have made the ending grim, but I guess this is a children s book

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    A cute story about a witch who likes pie and likes to curse intruders who eat her pie I couldn t tell if the ending was horrible or funny This book was in my children s literature book as an example of interesting layout choices The words aren t writ...

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    My daughter loved this book when she was little We actually made the pie and it was delicious

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    Old Witch smiles a crooked smile and makes a Halloween pie and leaves it cooling on the window sill She casts a spell of protection and then flew into the dark night to make some mischief Soon, the aroma wafts to the graveyard where it awakens vampire, ghoul, ghost, skeleton, zombie and banshee They make their way to the house and eat the Halloween Pie But when witch returns, ...

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    Halloween Pie tells a story of a witch who bakes a seemingly scrumptious pie that delights the characters who reside in the graveyard The spooky group follows the smell of the pie to the witch s house, whereupon they help themselves to the pie A slumber falls upon all of them, and they turn into baking ingredients When the witch returns, she her pie has been devoured, and uses the ingredients she finds around her home to bake another pie I would recommend this book to young, early readers in 1st 3rd grades The choral quality of the spooky group lends itself to repeated language structure A notable amount of alliteration is employed in the writing, fostering a spooky sound Some of the text also follows the pattern of the smell reaching the graveyard, giving the text an element of movement Colorful pencil illustrations align with the text, whose shadings present a dark effect Readers can find a Halloween Pie recipe at the end of the book Readers may also enjoy H...

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    On Halloween night Old Witch made a pie and then put a spell on it before she left her house while it cooled Before she left, she put a spell on the pie so she would be sure to have some when she got home A zombie, skeleton, vampire, banshee, ghoul, and ghost rose from the graveyard when they smelled the pie After eating it, they fell asleep When Old Witch returned home, she saw that because of her spell, they are turned into the ingredients for a new pie The last page of the book has the recipe for Old Witch s Halloween Pie Children could make this pie with some supervision by an adult I especially enjoyed the rhymes and rhythm of the words in the story The ending is happy and the story is not scary In fact, the story could be told as a n...

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