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Superman Intergalactic Bounty Hunter LOBO Has A New Job The Evil Aliens KALIBAK And DESAAD Have Hired Him To Capture SUPERMAN, Dead Or Alive However, When LOBO Finally Manages To Wrangle Up The MAN OF STEEL, The Aliens Aren T Far Behind They Don T Trust The Ill Mannered Bounty Hunter, And Quickly Trap Him Beneath A Force Field With SUPERMAN LOBO And The MAN OF STEEL Must Set Aside Their Differences In Order To Escape, Capture The Two Villains, And Collect The Well Deserved Reward.

[BOOKS] ✭ Superman  Author Blake Hoena – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • Superman
  • Blake Hoena
  • English
  • 04 November 2019
  • 9781434227690

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    Reason for Reading This book is too hard for my ds to read on his own and will be read aloud by dh as a bedtime book But I like my superheroes too and wasn t going to miss out on the fun I like Superman fairly well He s not my favourite , but he s cool I hadn t heard of any of the bad guys in this story Lobo, Kalibak and Desaad but I enjoyed this book the most of the 3 books I ve just read in this series recently Action packed from start to finish We even have Lois going at Clark for scooping her on the front page once again to start the story off It doesn t take long before Clark leaves Lois and Jimmy behind and the super action to start as Lobo is creating a havoc that Superman must put a stop to Lobo a bounty hunter has been hired by the ruler of Kalibak and Desaad s planet to capture Superman with a new invention and bring him back to the planet But when K D interfere and Lobo finds himself captured and headed for Apokolips dungeons too, he and Superman team up to turn the tables.Lobo is a great villain here, he s actually a lot of fun for the full of himself biker type A great entry in the series Written and illustrated by comic industry professionals, the story and characters all have an authentic feel Each chapter has at least one full page illustration, some even have two, the pages of pure text are broken up for the...

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    Bounty hunter LOBO hired to bring in Superman Wow Majorly offbeat character gotta admire Hoena for tackling this And he pulls it off Like the other titles in the DC Super Heroes series, this one is a lot of fun

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