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Shadow Dreams Nestled In The Plane Of Paran, A Peaceful Town Is Shocked When Some Of Their Children Go Missing The Disappearances Are Portents To The Re Emergence Of The Ancient Priestess Cult Of Eitel, One Known For Stealing Souls To Gain Immortality Bethany M Doro Is A Healer And A Knower, Assisting Diggers On An Archeological Site By Connecting Artifacts And Their Owners But Even With Her Psychic Abilities, She Never Envisioned The Kidnapping Of Her Own Daughter, Sarah Connor Jessup Never Forgave Himself For Letting His Wife Elizabeth Leave Him So Easily He Turned His Back On His Nevada Town, And On Himself When Bethany S Latest Excavation Places The Remains Of Elizabeth At The Center Of The Cult Of Eitel, She Knows She Must Travel To The Earth Plane And Seek Connor S Help Arriving In Shadow Form, She First Meets Connor In His Dreams He Believes She S An Angel And Gladly Goes With Her Back To Paran Once There, He Comes To Understand Bethany S True Nature, And Finds Himself Drawn Into The Search For Her Missing Daughter And The Connection To His Wife Now They Must Unravel The Dark Secrets Behind The Ancient Cult And Find Sarah Before She S Lost Forever As Their Quest Unfolds, They Discover An Even Deeper Unexpected Journey One Filled With Sorrow, Loss, And Redemption.

[Epub] ➝ Shadow Dreams  By Teri Barnett – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • Shadow Dreams
  • Teri Barnett
  • 15 December 2017
  • 9781897562321

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    She wants to find her daughter at any cost, even if she has to cross worlds to do it A priestess enjoys her immortality and will pay any price to retain it Bethany M Doro is a Healer and Knower A Knower is someone with the gift of knowing about an object from touch When she is on a dig, in her plane of Paran, the archeologist asks her about a silver box freshly dug She is stunned to see that it contains a manuscript thought to be legend She also sees a man and a woman, Elizabeth and Connor Jessup, people whom say they are from Earth in her vision Bethany has never heard of anyone living who has travelled between the planes When she goes home from the dig, Bethany is excited about seeing her young daughter Sarah However, she is distraught when she finds out Sarah is missing, as well as several other children in the area Bethany goes to a weaver, someone who can spin the tales of the old times, to learn about the Eitel When Bethany found a ribbon of Sarah s in the words, she saw that Sarah went to meet a priestess of Eitel The weaver explains that the priestess would take the souls of the children so that she may gain immortality The children would then go into a sleep and remain alive, as long as the priestess cared for the bodies Bethany wants to find Connor Jessup in Earth and asks for the weaver s guidance to a portal There, the portal guardian allows Bethany to only cr...

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    A western, a fantasy, time and space travel and a dash of romance and you have Shadow Dreams Barnett does a surprisingly brilliant job of interweaving her reader with her down to earth characters Though at times I wasn t sure what I was reading, the writing was engaging, the flip between Earth and another plane was refreshing It touches enough familiarity so as not to estrange its readers And the love story is amusing as it is touching For anyone who would like a blend of Indian...

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    Lovely storyThis is a good story, a tad cheesy at times but not enough to detract from the overall story It has good emotional tugs and just one snippet I pretty much skipped over because I don t care to read about sexy time.

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    Enjoyed this book Action and adventure Wish it hadn t ended so abruptly, would have liked a bit of an epilogue.

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    I mostly liked these characters and the premise, but at times conflict seemed forced and characters actions didn t seem logical Good descriptions though.

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    Personally, I loved this book I found the idea of parallel worlds fascinating, and Zachariah was a great addition Especially liked the ending

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    A refreshing take on religion and supernatural powers Very fascinating, exciting, touching story.

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    It was a nice, quick read

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