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The Lucky One From The Acclaimed Author Of Under A Dark Sky Comes An Unforgettable, Chilling Novel About A Young Woman Who Recognizes The Man Who Kidnapped Her As A Child, Setting Off A Search For Justice, And Into DangerAs A Child, Alice Was Stolen From Her Backyard In A Tiny Indiana Community, But Against The Odds, Her Policeman Father Tracked Her Down Within Twenty Four Hours And Rescued Her From Harm In The Aftermath Of The Crime, Her Family Decided To Move To Chicago And Close The Door On That Horrible DayYet Alice Hasn T Forgotten She Devotes Her Spare Time Volunteering For A Website Called The Doe Pages Scrolling Through Pages Upon Pages Of Unidentified People, Searching For Clues That Could Help Reunite Families With Their Missing Loved Ones When A Face Appears On Alice S Screen That She Recognizes, She S Stunned To Realize It S The Same Man Who Kidnapped Her Decades Ago The Post Is Deleted As Quickly As It Appeared, Leaving Alice With Questions Than AnswersEmbarking On A Search For The Truth, She Enlists The Help Of Friends From The Doe Pages To Connect The Dots And Find Her Kidnapper Before He Hurts Someone Else Then Alice Crosses Paths With Merrily Cruz, Another Woman Who S Been Hunting For Answers Of Her Own Together, They Begin To Unravel A Dark, Painful Web Of Lies That Will Change What They Thought They Knew And Could Cost Them EverythingTwisting And Compulsively Readable, The Lucky One Explores The Lies We Tell Ourselves To Feel Safe

[Download] ➵ The Lucky One  By Lori Rader-Day – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Lucky One
  • Lori Rader-Day
  • English
  • 14 June 2019
  • 9780062938077

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    Okay I admit that I love dark, scary, unconventional, complex, nerve bending stories So when I read the blurb I was already volunteered to jump in Mystery behind Alice s kidnapping, her dysfunctional family story, two women s collaboration to start a search for bringing out the truth are great materials to enjoy a book wholeheartedly The eerie and disturbing feeling, slow burn dark theme usually work well for me but at some point slowness turned into too much stalling and BAM, the story s building slowly collapsed with the help dislikable characters Don t get me wrong, I love broken, flawed, problematic characters which make them realistic but at this book Alice s attitudes and her passivity makes me pissed off I wished she could have held on her life .I can sense them the author made some decision to build characters and form story progression with unexpected and different way but unfortunately her writing technique didn t work for me and made me loss my interest easily.So for darker themes and intriguing blurb, I could only give three stars I couldn t find anything from those characters stories resonate with me I really did try but it didn t fit with my expectations.Special thanks to Netgalley and William Morrow Paperbacks to share this intriguing ARC Copy with me in exchange my honest review.

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    Oh, yeah Five stars for my own book, not too proud Honestly, I worked really hard on this book and I hope you all like it, too.

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    Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.DNF 50%.I got halfway through this book only to realize I didn t care about what was happening or how it would end It wasn t a bad book, necessarily, just not a very compelling one The Lucky One stars two female protagonists Alice Fine was kidnapped as a toddler and now works for her father s construction firm and spends her free time identifying missing persons on a website called the Doe Pages Merrily Cruz was raised by a single mother and now works a boring office job and has a lucrative side gig as a cam girl They re both connected to a man named Richard, or Rick, and their stories intertwine as they try to find Rick and figure out who he is was.Unfortunately I thought the characters in this book were mostly weak and underdeveloped, from Alice and Merrily to the modest cast of side characters that consisted of their friends, family, and coworkers The protagonists had promise, and there were moments when I felt a tenuous connection to one or both of them, but it wasn t enough to get me fully invested.The plot, meanwhile, had a slow start, with not much happening for at least the first half of the book The story was just engaging enough, and the chapters short enough, for me to keep reading, but as with the characters, I was never fully invested I read on mostly out of habit I wasn t even that interested to find out how it ended At most, I was mildly intrigued It was at that point that I decided to stop This is a mystery, after all If I didn t care about solving the mystery, why keep reading I would be open to reading of Lori Rader Day s books in the future, because I think her writing has promise, but only if she upped the suspense and engagement factors.

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    2 stars it was OK.This book created a sense of unease, which I enjoyed, and I thought the ending was good However, I also thought the book relied too much on characters not talking most of this book s tension could have been solved with a good conversation , and I greatly disliked Alice, the book s protagonist She was very passive, letting life slide over her I realize that was on purpose and she does grow, but it made for dull reading, in my mind.I received this review copy from the publisher on NetGalley Thanks for the opportunity to read and review I appreciate it

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    Lori Rader Day s fans will voraciously gobble up her newest thriller By the end, the reader is left to put a question mark on the title THE LUCKY ONEwho exactly was the lucky one There are a thousand threads artfully woven into the story Pay attention Everything on every page is important by the time you come to the last few pages Winding back and forth between Alice and Merrily s perspectives, it all comes full circle The relationship between the two women as they meet, begin working together to each answer a completely different question from her own life and finally, grudgingly considering becoming friends, is fascinating as it unfolds The cocky reader thinks she s figured it out a quarter of the way in But, no Much satisfying Interestingly, two of the pivotal characters in the book never participate in the live action Big thumbs up

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    3 stars Merrily and Alice come from different worlds, but the story is told from both perspectives Alice is an adult who was kidnapped as a child She has an interest in the Doe Pages, which helps solve cases Merrily is working, but cannot get off of the Chat X website that seems very similar to a sugardaddy sugarbaby site She has a unique relationship with Searcher who sends her decent money and expects virtually nothing but companionship from her Merrily and Alice cross paths unexpectedly, and the story that unfolds is unlikely.The plot was great and the description piqued my interest However, this was a slow read for me, and did not keep my interest I definitely skimmed here and there, and was just glad that it was finished There were no questions at the end for me, but this is just meh to me Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Family SecretsThis book went hot and cold on me all the way through the book It had some good storyline and some confusing story line and those annoying posts from the other members of the club exploring dead and missing persons.I rather liked the characters that Alice met with those investigating the dead and missing persons site I didn t know how to figure them at times they did not seem to like Alice that much They did help her find out information when researching the missing Richard and in finding Merrily The story made Alice look weak, and gave Merrily some immoral behavior.It did take me a while to read the book as it started slow and about midway through the book I wanted to finish it to find out how it ended It was certainly an unexpected and twisted ending Thanks to Lori Rader Day, Harper Collins Publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review an advance copy of the book

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    I was asked by the publisher if I would read this book and provide an honest review I took my time with this book but not feeling 100% made for a slow read I do want to say that I enjoyed the book and have set it aside to re read once I am feeling better.What if everything you thought you knew about yourself and your life was wrong What if a major event in your life was not quite what you thought happened What if trying to help someone else turns your entire world upside down When Alice was but a toddler, she was taken from the yard of her home in a tiny Indiana community Against all odds, her policeman father tracked her down, rescuing her within twenty four hours Needing to arase those memories, her family left the tiny community, moving to Chicago Despite the tender age at which Alice was abducted, she still recalls the day Pieces of the time away from her own family float back to her at inopportune moments, paralyzing her Subconsciously, Alice has turned her spare time volunteering to reunite family members or offering closure to families who have waited for years for word about a missing loved one.She volunteers via a website called the Doe Pages There are page upon page of information about those that are missing and, page upon page of unidentified bodies throughout the United States One night, as Alice scrolls through the website, she sees a familiar face the face of the man who had kidnapped her so long ago Shortly after seeing the photograph, the post is deleted leaving Alice s mind in a whirl.Needing answers, Alice enlists the assistance of other Doe volunteers and the search begins One of the women that Alice has enlisted in her search is searching for the same man but for quite different reasons Their search will drive a wedge between them but, what they learn will change both of their lives forever Great book Thought provoking

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    This book will be released on February 18th 20203.25 starsThis was my first book by Lori Rader Day I ve heard a lot about her before and I m glad that I was able to discover her writing The novel s plot was very interesting Alice was kidnapped as a little child but then her dad, who was a ploce officer, found her and rescued her She was the lucky one, but she had never forgotten what happened and she now spends most if not all of her time on a website called The Doe Pages to try and find other missing people, almost like a way to pay it forward But she sees a profile on that page that she recognizes and her world spirals from there full of secrets and lies that she didn t know were being hidden from her I really enjoyed the narrative of this story I liked how it was told in dual perspectives Alice s and Merrily a women who is somehow connected to Alice, and I won t say how It s two different women, two different stories and the way their lives become connected is really entertaining to read Each perspective is fresh and mysterious in their way and it always kept me hooked Halfway throughout the story, I felt like it was getting dragged on a little and the novel felt a little too long for me and so I started to lose interest in the story That being said, I m glad that I finished reading until the end because there were a few good plot twists The beginning and the ending of the story was a bit stronger than the middle part of it I do wish that some of the twists would have been placed a little in the center of the story, not that there weren t any in the middle, but not enough to hook me A great ending though, fast paced and action packed and it s a nice satisfying conclusion Thank you to HarperCollins Canada and William Morrow Books for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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    This the first book that I have read from Lori Rader Day and I was impressed My favorite books are agood mystery a good thriller with lots of twists and turns That keep me guessing until the end and this one did There are two characters that this book is about Alice and Merrily.Alice was always told that she was kidnapped when she was a child and her father found her within 24 hours Her memory about that is not so great She sees the man who kidnapped her on the Doe Pages a site where she volunteers to help find the missing His picture was there and now it is gone, She is determined to find out about him and what happened to him.Merrily was just questioned by the police about Rick a man who dated her mother and who is a father figure to her She wants to find him and what happened to him Along the way looking into Rick s disappearance she meets Alice There is so much to Rick s disappearance that neither one knows This is where I end the reviews This one took me a little longer than usual not because it was not good it was I just had some personal things I am dealing with, Thank you Goodreads for the ARC of this.

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