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Here We Are A Heartfelt Memoir About The Immigrant Experience From NPR Correspondent Aarti Namdev ShahaniWho Really Belongs In America That Question Has Chased Every Newcomer And Many Native Born Since The Founding Of The Republic In This Heart Wrenching, Vulnerable And Witty Memoir, Journalist Aarti Shahani Digs Deep Inside Herself And Her Family For An Answer One That She Finds In An Unlikely PlaceThe Shahanis Came To Queens From India, By Way Of Casablanca In The S They Were Undocumented For A Few Years And Then, With The Arrival Of Their Green Cards, They Thought They D Made It This Memoir Is The Story Of How They Did, And Didn T Here We Are American Dreams, American Nightmares Follows The Lives Of Aarti, The Precocious Scholarship Kid At One Of Manhattan S Most Elite Prep Schools, And Her Dad, The Shopkeeper Who Mistakenly Sells Watches And Calculators To The Notorious Cali Drug Cartel Together, The Two Represent The Extremes That Coexist In Our Country, Even Within A Single Family, And A Truth About Immigrants That Gets Lost In The Headlines It Isn T A Matter Of Good Or Evil It S ComplicatedUltimately, Here We Are Is A Coming Of Age Story, A Love Letter From An Outspoken Modern Daughter To Her Soft Spoken Old World Father She Never Expected They D Become Best Friends

!!> Reading ➷ Here We Are  ➯ Author Aarti Namdev Shahani – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Here We Are
  • Aarti Namdev Shahani
  • 22 August 2018
  • 9781250204752

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    I loved this book so much and it made me very emotional because I am immigrant myself I came to this country when I was 24 years old My parents struggled the same way that Aarti parents did But because of this whole experience we became stronger people and sky is the limit Very well written memoir by aartinamdevshahani, I could feel the strong connection between Aarti and her father, and other members of the family Author also talks about how justice system is broken and corrupt specially when dealing with immigrants Happy 4th of July

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    Thanks to MacMillan for the ARC at BEA 2019, and to Aarti Shahani for signing my copy When my friend and I, who are both South Asian, were getting this book signed at BEA we were kinda stunned It s rare you see a desi writer, especially in something that isn t in the sciences Shahani asked both of us where in the homeland we were from I ll never get tired of the excitement I feel when I say my family is from Gujarat and that actually means something to the person I m talking to , and she told us she hoped the book would resonate with us, as fellow desis.I am very glad to report it did, in ways I couldn t have imagined.This book is Aarti Shahani telling her family s whole immigration story from her parents moving first to Morocco and then to Queens, growing up in poverty, to the defining crisis of her late childhood and early adulthood when her father gets tied up in the criminal legal and immigration system Shahani doesn t hold back as she shows us her family s struggles with her father serving prison time and dealing with our country s inhumane immigration policies It s a moving, powerful story and Shahani is an amazing writer Meanwhile, her struggles to make a difference in the world and desire to change things while battling social circumstances and traditions resonated unbelievably strongly with me Every single brown person needs to read this book And you know what, everyone else too But this is a part of our story our community has shied away from telling We ve been willing to pretend that the immigration debate doesn t pertain to us, but it does Shahani s story shows how important it is for us to never forget that.Highly reccomend I m already forcing my entire family to read this book, and I can t wait till it comes out so I can make every brown person in my life read it Thank you Shahani Thank you for telling your story and inspiring of us to tell ours.

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    Thank you to MacMillion for providing a copy of this book at BEA 2019 and thank you to Aarti Shahani for signing my copy I ve loved to read ever since I was young I would look to books and book characters as my form of escapism and have been able to live hundreds of lives that in no way reflect mine To find myself in stories I would latch on the character traits or other aspects, ignoring how their culture and skin color would never match mine And especially when it comes to memoirs, I ve always gotten the feeling that my story isn t worth being told That in the fight for justice and equality, I m not at the topbut I m not at the bottom so I should just stop complaining and appreciate what I ve got But I m so glad I have finally been able to read a story that resonates with me and my family s experience Aarti Shahani is a phenomenal writer She beautifully articulates her and her family s story, highlighting some of the glaring problems with the current immigration system She talks about her experiences growing up in America, how one scholarship offer to a private school was able to change the trajectory of her life, giving her the tools and connections to help her own family and other families in similar circumstances.Overall, this is a fantastic memoir and I would recommend it to anyone, particularly any desi readers looking to find themselves within the pages.

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    In today s America, so many of us have an Immigrant Story Those of us who identify as desi almost always can relate to each other on the stories of our parents arrival to this country and our upbringing What this book and this author accomplish is a miraculous feat a first hand poignant account of what has previously been the untold reality of the Immigrant Story in the US The struggles, the opportunists that prey on immigrant fear, the desire of immigrants to band together in community, the stress that children of immigrants silently bear, the fear of the American gov t that these families must endure But it is a story of strength above all else The kind of strength we all believed built this country, but in fact is being threatened each day by the powers that be.From start to finish, the reader will be gripped by the words and their hearts will absorb the real life trials and tribulations of what families go through Bravo to the Ms Shahani and her publisher for giving a voice, a beautiful and moving voice, to the immigrant people from so many countries around the world that are come to and are still fighting to make it in America centuries after it was declared this Nation was for us all.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I felt like I was given a front seat at a table that I have never sat at before and I truly felt honored to be there This is the story of the Shahani family, who came from India, through Casablanca, to Queens, New York It s a first hand, poignant account of what happens when undocumented people land on US soil, how undocumented people are treated, what is at risk for undocumented people, what happens to become documented, what life is like after you are documented, and everything in between Yes, this is a first and account and is unique from this particular woman, but from what I hear and from what I have read, this story resonates with many families trying who are trying to call the United States home We see the struggles, the pitfalls, the risks, the desires, the stresses, the intense fears but we also see the hope, the laughter, the strength and the determination Here We Are opened my eyes to not only what the process is like and specifically, how this family dealt with the good, the bad and the ugly of coming to America.Here are some of my takeaways about our immigration system 1 Immigrating to the US is not for the faint of heart and why in the world do we make it so complicated and corrupt 2 It seems like the story for every immigrant family is struggle Struggling in their home country, and then struggling when they get to the US As a country, we can do better to help with the transition No one should have to live in cockroach infested homes, or a home that has a water leak causing toxic mold to grow because they are afraid to report it to a landlord who could report them as undocumented No one should have to live with broken windows or broken heat in the middle of winter because they are nervous to set off someone s radar and potentially get deported It s infuriating and we need a better system to support families that want to come to the US.3 Our justice system is broken and corrupt and toxic, especially when dealing with immigrants We can, and need to, do better 4 In conclusion WE CAN DO BETTER There is soooo much in this memoir to talk about and discuss, but I don t want to spoil it for anyone I went in pretty blind and was completely taken by Shahani s journey This is an articulate memoir that is sure to infuriate you, make you cry, make you laugh, help you better understand the role of family in many cultures and ultimately I hope, lead you to talk about immigration and our role in it all Our country is intrinsically tied to the immigration experience and I think this book will not only help give a voice to many immigrants who are currently voiceless, but help to shine a brighter light on a highly relevant topic of today It s an honor to have read Aarti Namdev Shahani s story and I m thankful for her courage to write it I will definitely be on the lookout for anything else Shahani offers us

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    Here We Are is one of the most heartfelt, poignant books I have ever read It is raw It is human It is painful It is funny It is REAL I first of all praise the author for her courage in writing this book For allowing her readers an insider look into what she and her family had to go through the injustices of the legal system sometimes, unfortunately, it s not about the truth, it s about working the system , the impact on her family, and how it shaped her life It was clear in reading the book how this unfortunate experience truly shaped so much of who she is.For me, I often rate things by their sticking power how they impact me Since reading this, I am no joke CONSTANTLY thinking about this book For so many reasons One reason is that this book covers so many topics genres criminal justice reform, immigration, law, coming of age, family So no matter what conversation you re having with a co worker, a friend, a stranger, you will surely be discussing some topic or issue that was written about in this book I have found myself CONSTANTLY thinking about this book throughout my days and referencing it to so many different people I cannot tell all of you how much and how deeply this book has permeated my psyche and my conversations Especially as a lawyer who works in the world of criminal justice, it was so fascinating and moving to read her accounts of the ins and outs of the court system even the mundane day to day, even the seemingly small things of being IN a court room, where people sit As a litigator, her book has singlehandedly made me question some of my OWN choices in the courtroom Everybody in court has a story, has a life, has their truth It was such a treat to read this book While I was reading it, I couldn t wait until I could finish whatever I was doing so I could pick this book back up It was poignant, sad, funny, moving, joyful, dark, hopeful all in less than 300 pages Sprinkled throughout this remarkably impactful and inspiring book were drops of humor of comic relief, which really highlights the author s talent as a writer The anecdotes littered throughout of the different experiences she had I particularly enjoyed the ones of her sneaking out to go to clubs when she was in high school and of the different people she came across at 401 , put such a human face on this important and relevant book about the injustices of seeking justice Her story will undoubtedly ring true to and connect with so many different people, especially immigrants This book is coming out at such a relevant time the American experience is so inextricably and undeniably tied to immigrants and she demonstrates how it important it is I can t wait for her next book

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    This book really spoke to me on so many levels as a first generation American, as a first generation professional, and as someone whose family has also been impacted by the criminal justice and immigration systems But don t get me wrong This is not a wonky policy book It is a powerful story about one family s journey, told in an honest, raw, funny, and heartbreaking way And what a remarkable journey it is I don t want to spoil it, but part of what makes this book so great is the way Aarti draws the reader into so many different worlds, whether it s her family s apartment in Queens in the 80s, the Manhattan prep school she attended, or the visiting room at Rikers jail You will fall in love with this writer and this family and think about their stories long after you put this book down The storytelling is that vivid and poignant Damn good read

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    Here We Are is a poignant, heart wrenching memoir that shines an intelligent and investigative light on how our immigration and justice systems work The book and the author could not have emerged in a better time than now, when America is taking a sober look at its systems and assessing its identity and values as a nation of immigrants Her family s story and her compelling and powerful voice will ring through the hallways of American history when future generations walk through them to understand the nature of their country s legacy I hope everyone reads this deeply beautiful, moving book We can then have an informed and compassionate conversation as a society Thank you Aarti for having the courage to tell such an important story and I look forward to reading your future books.

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    I don t tend to read non fiction often, but timing is everything and I m incredibly grateful that Celadon Books sent me an advanced copy of Here We Are Aarti Shahani is an NPR correspondent who bravely shares her family s immigration experience from India to Queens, NY She reveals not just her coming of age story, but an insiders view of a first generation American whose family has been impacted by the criminal justice and immigration systems Needless to say, this memoir is incredibly powerful and raw, written intelligently and eloquently from start to finish.Given the world and country we live in today, I cannot recommend this title enough

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    I was fortunate enough to hear the author speak at Library Journal Day of Dialog She was such an engaging and interesting speaker that I started reading her book the minute I got home It was really good REALLY good So honest and eloquent I am grateful that she decided to share her family s story, and thankful that I was able to hear her speak.

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