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Was uns ganz macht F R Die Liebe Musst Du Nicht Perfekt Sein Morgan Hat Ein Geheimnis Sie Ist Anders Als Die Anderen Und Das Hat Sie Siebzehn Jahre F R Sich Behalten Eines Tages Beschlie T Sie, Sich Nicht L Nger Zu Verstecken Und Wird Unfreiwillig Zum Internetstar Die Medien Rei En Sich Um Das Vermeintlich Unperfekte M Dchen Im Krankenhaus Lernt Sie Kurz Darauf Howie Kennen, Der Buchst Blich Ihr Perfektes Gegenst Ck Ist Sie K Nnten Sich Gegenseitig Heilen, Aber K Nnen Sie Sich Gegenseitig Auch Ganz Machen Einf Hlsames Pl Doyer Wider Perfektionismus Und Sch Nheitswahn.

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    A delightful, witty, contemporary with rich characters and a beautiful message I adored Hole in the Middle , it was refreshing and a reminded me what excellent writing sounds like

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    Thank you Soho Teen for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.ARC given through The Nerd Daily It s weird how much time you spent hiding, when all you really wanted was to be seen I really wish I hadn t started this book at the wrong time I had a few things going on a few months ago, and I m going to try and write the best review I possibly can.Hole in the Middle caught my interest the moment I read the synopsis It just seemed like a story that was going to be uplifting, and so I requested it I haven t read many contemporary books and so it took a while for me to get into it The beginning was slow but I have some important things to discuss, and that Isn t one of them.Kendra Fortmeyer really weaved a story of self acceptance The book might have been a little slow for me That s the truth But I feel the need to thank the author with all my heart for writing a story like this If there s something this book taught me, it s that we all have our own hole It might not be in our middle like Morgan s, but we all have one somewhere Physical or otherwise.I was really intrigued to see where the story was going I wanted to know all the ways that Morgan was going to deal with people s criticism and mean comments A story about body i...

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    I really enjoyed this book It has so many interesting things to say about body image, fame, and identity The writing is gorgeous, and I loved going on this ride with Morgan

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    SPOILER ALERT This book really resonated with me As a woman with a very visible disability One of my eyes is obviously smaller than the other It never developed properly It has a silver sheen on the cornea and it follows my dominant eye around like an annoying socially awkward younger sibling the protagonist s issues with her medical anomaly were familiar and at the same time very different I too eventually had to learn to accept my situation, but since in my case it was as clear as the eye on my face, I think I was forced to deal and accept it sooner There was no coming out for me However, other experiences were similar The medical community found me fascinating I have a very vivid memory of my Opthalmologist, having dilated my good eye, shining a bright light into it, and asking a medical student And what are these here And she didn t know I KNEW I wanted to shout out the answer because I m being TORTURED here while she s hemming and hawing over the answer No Dr Moores in my history, but I could totally see it I also understood the mor...

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    if you only read one book ever again in your life, make it this one

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    I adored this book It does everything it sets out to do growing real characters out of a surreal situation without becoming overly metaphoric or sappy Morgan Stone s fluctuating insecurity about her body is painfully realistic, which makes the moments when she accepts and even celebrates herself even poignant The humor is always spot on and often unexpected I laughed all t...

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    Kendra Fortmeyer s glorious debut novel is an insightful, entertaining, beautifully written, and incisive examination of teenagers and their often complex relationships with their bodies The book tells the story of 17 year old Morgan Stone, who was born with a hole through the middle of her stomach She s spent her whole life hiding it from everyone but her mother, her best friend, and doctors, but her last year of high school, she decides she s had enough, and comes out to the world The story that follows deals with Internet culture our media world s obsession with girls bodies and stories friendship romance and family relationships but the most important story in this book is the one of Morgan s evolving relationship with herself and her identity Morgan is funny and tragic and complicated sometimes I want to hug her, sometimes I want to yell at her, sometimes I want to do both In other words,...

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    UPDATE 1 I hated Morgan and almost everything she did This book was so meh for me I didn t even want to get past the 20% mark Review to comeUPDATE 2 Morgan Stone was born with a hole in her middle A perfect, smooth, sealed, fist shaped hole near her belly button that no one but her mom, best friend Caro, and doctor know about After seventeen years of hiding it from the world, Morgan has decided it s time to show the world her secret But not everyone takes it the right way The internet blows up with rude and sexual comments to Morgan, and all she wants is for her life to go back to her normal One day, a new doctor and boy come into her life with a cure, but could he also be her destiny What happens when someone is your perfect match in every way Is being whole really worth what it s always seemed to be I was given an ARC of this book through Edelweiss and the publishers Thank you so much for letting me review this for an honest review Alright y all, this book was not good I was scrolling through Goodreads after I read it to see what others thought of it, and I was shocked by the vast amount of 5 star reads Did we read the same book Because this one was not good First of all, the plot was super predictable, which lead to it being boring, it was re...

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    I loved this book it was so moving and beautiful The protagonist, Morgan, brings us into her strange and evolving world with grace and humor She s such a compelling character that it s hard to leave her story This is one of those books that you ll stay up way too late reading.

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    This is a stunning debut novel It combines gorgeous, whip smart writing interesting explorations into themes of identity, belonging and otherness, feminism, friendship and love and a completely original, unpredictable story A thoroughly enjoyable read.

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