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Still Waters: A Quin and Morgan MysteryThis Psychological Mystery Introduces David Morgan And Miranda Quin, Two Maverick And Culturally Sophisticated Toronto Police Detectives When A Man Is Found Dead In A Garden Pond In The Wealthy Heart Of Toronto S Rosedale Neighbourhood Morgan Is Lead Into Speculations About Japanese Ornamental Koi Fish, And Quin Into A Chilling Sequence Of Revelations That Could Destroy Her But The Real Mystery Begins Not With The Deceased But With A Woman Who Walks Onto The Crime Scene And Without Emotion Declares Herself To Be The Victim S Mistress From That Point On Everything Changes, Even The Past.

[Epub] Still Waters: A Quin and Morgan Mystery By John Moss – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Still Waters: A Quin and Morgan Mystery
  • John Moss
  • English
  • 08 October 2017
  • 9781550027907

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    There s too much going on in this novel too much sophomoric philosophical meandering, implausible plot turns, loose ends and info dumping for it to come across as coherent, and yet the novel was interesting or possibly disturbing enough to read through to the end Well written as far as prose and characterization goes, but this novel needed a strong edit to correct lapses in its plot and pa...

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    I was debating what rating to give this book, but decided for me it is an OK read, and two stars is OK, so that is what I am giving the book.The story, from what I could pick out of it, was not bad But, it is difficult to pick out the story from all of the other noise in the book It seemed neither Quin nor Morgan could so much as butter, or not butter, a piece of toast without one or the other or both of them going off on some philosophical tangent information dump about a topic that might or might not have anything to do with butter or toast The book reads like it had been written by someone who is a smarty pants trying to prove how erudite he is Reading Moss s bio, I thought, yup, no surprise there I have spent a great deal of my life in academia and have met this type of person too often at functions UGH Sometimes, it is OK to just have a normal conversation like a normal human being without having to show off every single thought you have and fact you know you being Moss and the other bores at ...

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    I did not particularly enjoy reading this book I rated it one star for the locations within Toronto but I almost deducted that star for errors in the various rural locations in Ontario I am still having trouble understanding when this story is supposed to be happening as the book was published in 2008 and there were no such places as Waterloo County or Galt in 2008 How about The Region of Waterloo and Cambridge instead As to the book itself, a very easy edit could have reduced it to fairly readable novella I mean I don t read Mystery and Suspense Thrillers to get a comprehensive course in how to breed and raise grossly overpriced Japanese Goldfish with fancy and incomprehensible names And I can t figure out just how the overly long episode with The Bobbsy Twins advanced the plot If it was intended to provide some humour I missed the point of the joke All it did was introduce two characters that had nothing to do with story and who, then, immediately disappeared I found this book to be a very slow and sometimes dull read loaded with page after page of philosophical musings and no humour to break the heavy going I mean Eric Wright was a University Professor of English but he writes Mystery novels that include much humour especially in the Charlie Salter series but even in his Joe Barley academic series And William Deverell s Arthur Beauchamp series is hilarious and Dev...

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    Things I liked about this book 1 The setting, even though I ve been to Toronto only a couple of times 2 The description of situations and scenes Moss is very aware of the way light behaves and conveys those impressions well 3 The twisted in all senses of the word plot, in which horrible things are revealed in a measured way, leading up to the conclusion 4 The stuff about koi and rugs.Things that bugged me 1 The author s insistence on commenting on his main characters every thought, word and deed, explaining why the characters thought felt did whatever in almost every scene, especially at the beginning This almost made me give up on the book 2 The in depth excursions into sexual psychology at times it seemed like Moss had almost forgotten he was writing a mystery 3 Too much information at times about the two detectives innermost thoughts and proclivities Yes, I appreciate flaws and other humanizing qualities in fictional detective...

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    I really enjoyed this mystery Although it s the first in the series I read Grave Doubts first The writing is just great and the characters appealing, especially the leads, Quin and Morgan I love their separate intellectual pursuits and their affectionate sparring Not the typical detectives of fiction.I found the constant reference to Waterloo County a bit jarring because nobody has called it that for quite some time I found m...

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    I ll start with the bad One too many horrific plot points I m not a fan of repressed memories as a vehicle for solving a crime One scene with the male detective right out of letters to Penthouse that added very little to the storyI ll finish with the good It required careful reading which was a pleasant surprise I l...

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    The first in a series based in Toronto This is not normally my type of book too much navel gazing, philosophizing, word games Yet I found this novel amazing The leads are not yet fully fleshed out, but you know it s because you have not known them long enough The myste...

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    Synopsis the male victim was found in a koi pool Two Toronto detectives are surprised when a woman announces she was his mistress.

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    Better than I expected there were a few dull parts but on the whole, it was enjoyable didn t see the final discoveries coming will read his next book

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