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Moonstruck #5 Wait, Really This Is The End Of The Arc No Way, You Can T Possibly Wrap This Up In One Issue Julie And Selena Are In A Fight Chet Doesn T Have Their Centaur Butt Back Don T Tell Me That Horrible Fox Magician Is Getting Away With This These Must Be An Action Packed 22 Pages, I Ll Tell You That Much.

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    I love So much, I love.

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    With the conclusion of this arc I m so happy to learn that a second story arc starts in April , time for a complete review First, I love the art It s so soft and round, I just adore it Second, I love the inclusiveness of this series, not only different races not just skin colors, but magical species too , but also genderqueer and a variety of body shapes and sizes And the story is a lot of fun, a gentle fantasy adventure, which basically features our heroes on a quest to defeat the jerk magician and get back Chet s butt as Chet describes it.So, I d love to read in this world and will because the characters are great, and the whole mythical beings are great Which leads me to my one quibble, which is Julie s character Now, I like Julie She s a sweet and timid soul, who happens to be a werewolf But she s embarrassed to be a werewolf Why Will we find out in later installments Is it just because a werewolf seems to be an odd fit for her personality Julie doesn t enjoy conflicts, and works hard to avoid them She also doesn t have much control over her wolf only changing shapes when she loses her temper is terrified the moon makes her But in a whole world of magical beings her best friend is a centaur another a vampire why is she ashamed to be herself And not just herself, she gets really upset when her girlfriend changes into a wolf Is it just werewolves that are shameful And it s not until the 5th issue that it s confirmed that there are humans in this world, too Di...

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    can t wait for this series to continue on, can April come faster I love the queer representation in this, so important.also I m happy for Chet

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    75 100

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    But I don t wanna wait until April for the next single issue

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