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Conjoined at the SoulHow Hard Can Getting A Boyfriend Be Randy S About To Find Out.Randy Clark Has Just Looked In The Mirror And Figured Out He S Gay So Now, All He Needs Is A Boyfriend, And Finding One Should Be Easy Enough, Right The Trouble Is Randy Has A Knack For Being Attracted To The Wrong Kind Of Guy, Like The One Who Hasn T Spoken To Him Since He Told Him He Had Pretty Eyes Then There S That Locker Room Jock Who S Always Putting Him Down And New Student Kerry Sawyer Would Be Perfect Except For That Girlfriend He Left Behind Obviously, When It Comes To Finding A Boyfriend, Randy S Got A Lot To Learn So For Dating Tips, He Turns To Friends Jeremy Smith And Annie Brock But Although Annie S Than Willing To Help Him Find The Right Guy, Between His Own Bad Luck And Her Less Than Helpful Advice Date A Girl , Things Are Getting Out Of Control Fast And While Randy Struggles With Bullies, Bigotry, And His Own Self Doubts, He Quickly Finds That Searching For Love Can Be Pitted With Embarrassing Misunderstandings, Humiliating Encounters, And Hilarious Missteps All In All, Randy S Sopho Year Is Shaping Up To Be One To Remember If He Can Just Live Through It Seasons Of Chadham High Explores The Evolving Experience Of Gay Teenagers In Different Eras From The Counter Cultural Sixties, Through The Me Generation Seventies And Eighties, To The Jaded Nihilistic Nineties, And Beyond.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Conjoined at the Soul ❤ Huston Piner – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 225 pages
  • Conjoined at the Soul
  • Huston Piner
  • English
  • 08 February 2019
  • 9781948608030

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    Free exchange for an honest review for MMRG under the DBML Program I must admit it was a struggle for me to finish this book It may be because this was YA and I stopped reading YA when I turned 20 It might be because through the years I started craving complex plot and complex characters, and Conjoined at the Soul has none of that Whatever it was, I hope it was only a this was not for me thing and the book was better than I saw it There are many 4 and 5 stars reviews from people who appreciated the book, therefore I will not rate it because I don t want to affect the overall rating of the book for an opinion that represents the minority of opinions regarding Conjoined at the Soul and I want to invite you to read those reviews as well I wish the author and the editors of Nine Star Press paid a little attention to character development Most of the readers of Young Adult novels are teens and teens require books about believable role models, flawed heroes with endearing qualities they can either relate to or learn from, characters whose m...

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    A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsThis newly revised and re released work by Huston Piner may not have the same impact as his first novel, but there is still quite a bite to his story Dealing with everything from interracial couples to coming out, this novel uses humor to soften what can only be described as the most tumultuous and nasty of sopho years a student could encounter While I wasn t a huge fan of how the author handled the abusive encounters between Gene and Randy, I could also appreciate that Randy felt having a relationship with another guy meant settling for whatever he could get even when it was obvious he was being used for sex and treated like a slut in return Gene s character took demeaning sex to a whole new level and it was not always comfortable to read However, the author managed to counterbalance that with the lovely Kerry Sawyer who really did see Randy as someone to be cherished.There were such fun moments in this novel and that made the troubling aspects of this story much palatable I say troubling because between Randy s own horribly bigoted father who rarely had a good thing to say to h...

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    I received an eARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinionThis is a fun cute contemporary about a young guy who is trying to cope with the new discovery that he is gay He struggles with trying to find other gay guys to date at his school as it is set in 1979 and no one was out and about at the time.The writing of the story is okay, it s very fast paced and light, you could definitely finish this in one sitting It s perfect for people who look a good mushy teen flick, especially if they re into LGBT rep.the story is very diverse and there are a lot of issues discussed other than homophobia and sexuality such as race, as the main characters father is pretty racist and his best friend is black and she brings up a bunch of important topics.The ending is pretty predictable but it s still nice, my only main issues with this story and the writing were how cringey the scenes with Gene were he was basically an abusive, homophobic asshole who Randy is obsess...

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    Today is a day of historic importance See, I woke up this morning and discovered I m gay I know I know I know, it s not quite that simple I didn t just go to bed last night as the straight Randy Clark only to have the gay pixie come and sprinkle fairy dust all over me in my sleep Boy oh boy, am I in a pickle here On one hand, I just want to give this book all the stars because it was an ordinary romance coming of age novel featuring a gay protagonist, and in a way, that already ticks all my boxes I m incredibly happy that we re getting rep in books, not just about coming out, but about guys like Randy Clark knowing he s gay and then going on to live through exactly what straight people probably how the hell would I know live through first loves, disappointment, manipulation, bullying and all the other good stuff that makes us resent high school for the rest of our lives.And while I did love all those aspects the way Randy has to navigate High School and its bullies who call him gay because he gets a boner every time he s in the locker room, or his precarious first encounters with another closeted gay kid I just didn t feel like this book was as fleshed out as it could have been Yes, Randy s development throughout the book is amazing he makes mistakes, falls in love with the wrong person, realizes he s worth than being used by someone...

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    Free exchange for an honest review for MMRG under the DBML Program I feel quite conflicted about this book as I wanted to like it far than I did The writing made it easy reading, but there was a peculiar distance keeping me from taking that final step to suspend belief, and so I didn t become immersed in the characters Maybe it was the characters themselves as I wasn t really a fan of Randy s.I really liked the way the interaction between Randy and Mitch panned out It illustrated the different levels of maturity between the characters despite both being young kind of made me wish Mitch had been the MC And the pace picked up with the introduction of some social justice topics i.e, racism, homophobia, and bigotry in general I wasn t that keen on the characters, or how some of the issues were dealt with The first fifty pages introduced the story, the second fifty to sixty pages went in circles of teenage angst and school gossip, which started...

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    I have to say i am not a fan The writing style was just not for me The story line in the blurb sounded wonderful but i just could not connect to the characters pretty predictable and a bit stereotypical i had high hopes for this book. There...

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    Growing up is never easy, but growing up gay in a small minded town towards the end of the 1970s is a potential minefield of missteps and unwanted attention Huston Piner does a great job cataloguing the ups and downs of high school as experienced by Randy Clark, a tenth grader with a tendency to overdramatize and the knack for becoming entangled in complex situations The narrative takes the reader on a journey of friendship, misunderstandings and falling in love, all told with authenticity and a healthy dose of humor.It s taken sixteen years of denial and disinterest in girls for Randy to admit he s gay, but now that he has, he faces a conundrum how to find himself a boyfriend After the disastrous occasion that saw him informing a fellow student he had nice eyes the boy hasn t spoken to him since Randy is wary of making another blunder How to even tell whether a guy is gay or not Unsure where to turn, he enlists the help of his art friends, the flamboyant Annie Brock and reserved Jeremy Smith, both of whom are than happy to give Randy the benefit of their advice.Yet, landing the perfect boyfriend proves far harder than Randy anticipates Between misre...

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    My totally biased opinion is that this is the best book I ve ever written I hope you like it too

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    CW TW bullying, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, hate crime, use of racial and ethnic epithetsConjoined at the Soul is Book Two of the Chadham High series I haven t read Book One My Life as a Myth in the series, but I don t think that s required I did not feel lost or that I was missing anything while reading Conjoined at the Soul.Randy Clark is a sixteen year old high school sopho in late 1979, and is coming to terms with his sexuality The book opens with Randy admitting to himself that he is gay As he navigates his new identity during a time when being gay was not accepted, he discovers things and people he once thought he has figured out are not what they seem.I love books set in the 80 s and this is close enough that I squealed every time a favorite band or fashion from that time was mentioned Randy comes across as endearingly na ve and clueless His instincts about others motivations are way off the mark and he finds himself in less than favorable positions He s so insecure that he wobbles back on forth on his resolve about certain situations and people He has a lot of growing up to do, especially when it comes to how to be...

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    4.5 5.0I received a copy of this book through NetGalley I flew through this book because the writing was so great and the characters were all interesting in their own way The many relationships were amazing and at times I found myself forgetting the time frame that this took pla...

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