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Unnerving Magazine Issue #5Issue 5 Includes Fictions From Stephen S Power Author Of The Dragon Round , John C Foster Author Of Mr White, And Baby Powder And Other Terrifying Substances , David Busboom Author Of Nightbird , Gary Buller, Jake Marley, Christa Carmen, K.P Kulski, Sara Codair, And Aaaron J Housholder Includes A Feature By Gwendolyn Kiste Author Of And Her Smile Will Untether The Universe, And Pretty Marys All In A Row Publisher Spotlight On Coffin Hop And QA Interviews With Owen King Coauthor Of Sleeping Beauties, And Author Of Double Feature And Christina Henry Author Of Lost Boy, And Alice.

!!> EPUB ✾ Unnerving Magazine Issue #5 ✹ Author Eddie Generous – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 62 pages
  • Unnerving Magazine Issue #5
  • Eddie Generous
  • English
  • 27 September 2019
  • 9780995975392

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    Yeah, I read Unnerving What, you jealous Come at me All the cool kids do it Don t tell your mother I order it with my dad s credit card and steam open the packaging when it arrives so he doesn t know I nicked his Unnerving Magazine.So don t come at me like some sorta Unnerving superfan They don t have t shirts but if they did I d buy em I m a Day One r I interviewed its eddietor I LIKE THIS MAGAZINE, okay COVER You hear a crash in your yard.Outside, you see that the moon fell out the sky again.His front teeth are embedded in the neighbour s car, the alarm of which blares, and the moon is giggling stupidly.He got high on meth again He thinks it s funny.You re like, Moon, you were stable for millions of years Where did it all go wrong And really that can happen to any of us I think that s what this cover is trying to say Evil is real, permanent as night It isn t going away Like, really almost everywhere in the universe is night anyway A chilling consideration And Unnerving stories are as dark, timely and timeless as a methed up, toothless moon, giggling in your goddamn yard.FICTION Then we get to the content itself I very much enjoyed Gary Buller s story, Porcelain Skin And I simply enjoyed the fact that Gary has a story in Unnerving because I know he s been interested in this market for a good while, at least since we ...

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    Unnerving issue 5 gets off to an immense start with Glug Glug by Aaron J Householder and the sinister Red Room by Christa Carmen Whilst only short, Householder s tale is a fun, throwback style horror story that put a huge smile on my face and one that I felt was a little reminiscent of Stephen King Christa Carmen s Red Room is a different beast altogether This story has some wicked imagery, a sinister and brooding atmosphere and a terrific ending I d go as far to say that this is one of the best short stories Unnerving has published in the magazine.Gary Buller also impressed with the disquieting Porcelain Skin Few things are as creepy as a room full of porcelain dolls, right Then we have Ghoul by John C Foster, a particularly savage and twisted short story about a young boy s urges for flesh and t...

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    I ve been reading this magazine since it launched in December 2016 and with each issue it has really grown I bought a years subscription for just 10 and so far it s been a really good investment Issue 5 is brilliant and features some really great authors.Unnerving s Issue 5 contains nine stories which are all really varied but united with their dark cores of horror Its also really cool to see lots of female horror writers featured too.Stand out stories for me include, Porcelain Skin, this was just so creepy and I loved how the tension was built up throughout the story and the ending was really cool too I ve been reading his stories for a few years and now and they never fail to disappoint I also really liked Ghoul by John C Foster and The Weight of Her Smile by Jake Marlow.Glug Glug by Aaron J HousholderA great tale to start off the magazine, its playful and creepy and leaves you wondering and worrying about what s lurking in your house.Red Room by Christa CarmenA young woman wakes up with gruesome photos on her phone after her friends messy alcohol fuelled wedding No one can explain or take her concerns seriously and yet they keep coming.I loved this story, thought it was a really dark and unsettling premise and teaches mankind how you re girlfriend always knows best Porcelain Skin by Gary BullerA young woman travels to the middle of nowhere to visit her long lst wealthy Aunt after hearing she is set to inherit from her This tale was really c...

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    My favorite pieces in Unnerving Magazine Issue 5 are Gwendolyn Kiste s essay No Happily Ever After Here Death and Dismay in Fairytales and the short stories by KP Kulski and Jake Marley Kiste warns of the happily ever after fallacy and explains how fairytales help us...

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    Unnerving Magazine, Issue 5I was a contributor to Unnerving Magazine, Issue 5, but that doesn t mean I can t give some well deserved praise to the wonderful authors I shared the pages with Glug, Glug, Aaron HousholderIssue 5 starts with a short and eerie tale by Aaron Housholder There s enough uncertainty bubbling up from between the lines of the story that, in addition to the general unease the voice coming up through the drain elicits, the reader cannot be sure if the father s intentions are sinister or benign In addition to a potentially unreliable narrator how reliable can a small child really be , Housholder masterfully introduces the possibility that with Daddy s proclivity for corny jokes his is the voice in the drain Ultimately, the story s climax sheds light on whether or not this is the case, but the result will not be one to leave you warm and cozy inside Porcelain Skin, Gary BullerA dread inducing take on the evil doll trope, Buller s first person narrator is juxtaposed with a worthy foil in her sinister great aunt, and neither Aunt Florence nor her niece is entirely good...

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    A cracking magazine My favourite stories in this issue were Glug Glug by Aaron J Housholder and Ghoul by John C Foster Had nightmares after finishing this last night so thanks for that Will definitely be reading of these

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