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Uncharted Seventeen Year Old Annabeth Prefers The Fantasy Of Her Books And Paintings To Reality Because In Reality, Her Mom Is Dead, And It Was All Her Fault When She Accompanies Her Father To The Funeral Of Some Family Friends Who Drowned, She S Surprised To Find Her Grief Reflected In The Face Of Griffin Bradford, The Son Of The Couple Who Died Griffin Is Nothing Like The Carefree Boy She Once Knew Now He S Irritable, Removed, And He S Under Police Investigation For His Parents Deaths.One Night Following The Memorial Service, Annabeth S Dad Goes Missing In The Woods, And She Suspects Griffin Knows About The Disappearance Than He S Letting On He Refuses To Answer Her Questions, Particularly Those Related To The Mysterious Expedition His Parents Took To Ireland, Where They Went Missing For Seven Months.Annabeth Fears Her Father Isn T Lost, But Rather A Victim Of Something Sinister She Launches Her Own Investigation, Tracing Clues That Whisper Of Myth And Legend And Death, Until She Stumbles Upon A Secret One That Some Would Die To Protect, Others Would Kill To Expose And Which Twists Annabeth S Fantasy And Reality Together In Deadly New Ways.

[Epub] ↠ Uncharted  Author Erin Cashman – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Uncharted
  • Erin Cashman
  • 13 September 2019
  • 9781624145933

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    A fantastic read A perfect blend of thriller, mystery, romance, and contemporary, UNCHARTED features great characters, a marvelous setting, and a mythology so fabulous and complete that I couldn t turn the pages fast enough Readers who love Celtic legends, maps, and secret societies and who doesn t...

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    Maybe we can t appreciate the beauty without the sadness, maybe we can t love without suffering loss Erin Cashman, UNCHARTEDOfficial Comments Journey through the fog into the atmospheric world of UNCHARTED, a stunning new fantasy where legend and reality come together in the form of a deadly mystery, where every page simmers with danger, magic, myth, and romance Readers are sure to fall in love with this dark, gripping story that brings ancient Ireland to life on the misty shores of modern day Maine.Unofficial Comments GRIFFIN, GRIFFIN, GRIFFIN Ahem Let me try that again Once you start this book, I think you ll fall as much in love with Annabeth and her family and, you guessed it, Griffin as I did UNCHARTED grabs you by the hand from page one and pulls you through a series of intense events about which I m saying no...

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    A magical tale filled mythology and romance, UNCHARTED will hook readers from the first page and take them on a heart pounding adventure Erin Cashman s delightful prose and wonderful storytelling kept me enthralled to the very end

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    you can read this review on my blog I finished reading Uncharted last night and wow It s been so long since I ve read such a well written book with both mystery and adventure.Hands down, my favourite part of this book was Annabeth The girl was just amazing I admired her so much She s been through a lot but she s fierce and full of tenacity and never gives up when it comes to saving people she loves I felt her grief and her worry throughout the book, and thought Cashman did such a good job incorporating both of those feelings for Annabeth throughout the book It added depth, dimension to her, making it all the enjoyable to read Uncharted from her point of view.It was really frustrating, sometimes, because of all the secrets and lies It annoyed me as much as it annoyed Annabeth and I loved that she expressed that often, and, importantly, did something about it Considering so much of it concerned her and her father who is missing I thought it was completely justified, the things Annabeth had to do.The whole myth and legend behind Hy Brasil was so interesting Obviously, I ve never heard of this place well, until the very end, which surprised me but Cashman did such a wonderful job building the intrigue around this island I have no idea just how much is true, but the secret societies and such was an excellent touch for Uncharted.I was a fan of the little hints of romance throughout the book I will admit that I wasn t completely sold on Griffin, t...

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    This book was held an intriguing premise, a gorgeous cover, and a host of problems for me I felt like it had a lot of potential, but it got quite lost and I had a lost of Insta conversations with my co blogger where I spammed her mercilessly with my struggles.The good parts, since I always like to start with the sunny side upexcept with my eggsand not most days with the sunor like anytime until I m about to fail in a review as much as I m about to with this one An intriguing premise filled with mystery, secret societies, and some intriguing mythology I liked the infusion of the mythology aspects into the mystery of where did Annabeth s dad disappear The setting I loved the remote Maine wait, I think it was Maine It was Northeast I m going to assume Maine Let s all pretend it s Maine I really felt like it was perfection with the remote mansion, the woods, and I could feel the mist literally rolling off the lake I really thought Cashman did a wonderful job with the descriptions, and her details were fantastic That cover is stunning I love it It was quite easy to read I did have a pretty easy time breezing through this Ummmmmmmmmmm...

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    Erin Cashman is a master storyteller, and Uncharted is a strong follow up to her award winning debut novel, The Exceptionals Erin finds portals in the seemingly ordinary world and leads us into uncharted territories of mystery, magic, and Irish mythology This is the only novel I ve seen that creatively brings to life the phantom island of Hy Brasil, a place that once appeared on ancient maps somewhere west of Irel...

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    This book snagged my attention from the start and held me to the end I found myself holding my breath, quickly turning pages, as Annabeth, our heroine, untangled the mystery behind an uncharted island I loved the Irish folklore driving this story It s so intriguing Erin Cashman knows how to bring to life a setting and create well rounded characters Even side characters feel alive with their own dark secrets Annabeth grows and chang...

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    I was lucky enough to snag an advanced copy of UNCHARTED, and it totally BLEW ME AWAY This book is bursting with all of my favorite things a mysterious island, secret societies, Irish folklore, a lush atmospheric setting, a totally swoon worthy love interest GRIFFIN , deadly secrets, and SO much danger and tension that kept me madly flipping pages Annabeth is a wonderful, plucky heroine who was so easy to root for I loved watching her come to terms with her guilt and depression and tra...

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    I could not put this book down Uncharted has a bit of everything romance, suspense, action, an ancient legend, and so on The author s writing is captivating, pulling you into the pages, and bringing you along on a mysterious adventure An important aspect for me in a novel is character development, which is extremely prom...

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    I am Currently reading Uncharted It is the perfect contemporary fantasy complete with mystery and romance The setting and scenery are beautifully described There are many intriguing connections to Irish mythology that draw you in The characters are fascinating and really make t...

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