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Storm of LocustsIt S Been Four Weeks Since The Bloody Showdown At Black Mesa, And Maggie Hoskie, Din Monster Hunter, Is Trying To Make The Best Of Things Only Her Latest Bounty Hunt Has Gone Sideways, She S Lost Her Only Friend, Kai Arviso, And She S Somehow Found Herself Responsible For A Girl With A Strange Clan Power.Then The Goodacre Twins Show Up At Maggie S Door With The News That Kai And The Youngest Goodacre, Caleb, Have Fallen In With A Mysterious Cult, Led By A Figure Out Of Navajo Legend Called The White Locust The Goodacres Are Convinced That Kai S A True Believer, But Maggie Suspects There S To Kai S New Faith Than Meets The Eye She Vows To Track Down The White Locust, Then Rescue Kai And Make Things Right Between Them.Her Search Leads Her Beyond The Walls Of Din Tah And Straight Into The Horrors Of The Big Water World Outside With The Aid Of A Motley Collection Of Allies, Maggie Must Battle Body Harvesters, Newborn Casino Gods And, Ultimately, The White Locust Himself But The Cult Leader Is Nothing Like She Suspected, And Kai Might Not Need Rescuing After All When The Full Scope Of The White Locust S Plans Are Revealed, Maggie S Burgeoning Trust In Her Friends, And Herself, Will Be Pushed To The Breaking Point, And Not Everyone Will Survive.

[EPUB] ✼ Storm of Locusts ✿ Rebecca Roanhorse – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 313 pages
  • Storm of Locusts
  • Rebecca Roanhorse
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9781534413528

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    Fast moving, moving from a straight forward confrontation to a search and rescue There are a lot of similarities with the Kate Daniels series a heroine with a predilection for violence over other kinds of problem solving, a young woman with a case of heroine worship, said heroine with an absence of family connections, a post apocalyptic world that lacks centralized authority, a world where inhuman and godly walk among the humans.Setting again plays an important role, beginning in the mountains of the Din to the barrier of the Wall, to the first glimpse of the world outside the Wall Roanhorse avoids the too powerful phenomenon by giving Maggie an antagonist that she can t easily destroy with gun or knife.I won t say much at the risk of being too spoilery, but suffice to say that like Kate, one action ends up leading to another and to another, until it ends somewhere very different from what Maggie expected when she accepted her initial job w...

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    Read for the 2019 WBTM Diversity Reading Challenge a book written by an indigenous Native American author.I m going to steal a line commonly used by professional book critics from prestigious magazines all over the world here THIS BOOK IS SO BADASS.Beside being gloriously badass, Storm of Locusts also does what so many second installments in a series can t quite manage to do be a better book than it s predecessor And I m not saying it only because I had the distinct if only slightly self centered impression that Roanhorse reached over and rummaged into my soul to find that my inmost desire was to read a story about a motley female crew riding guns ablazing through a dangerous apocalyptic wasteland there s also a moody cat riding shotgun in a sidecar and I totally feel like I haven t had enough of those in my life up until now , following a thin lead about kidnapped comrades and an even thinner hope for redemption and a life affirming purpose, and decided to make it come true It s also that the tropey PNR plotline that gave me such a headeache in the previous book is pushed into the background and, when it comes back into play, it does so in a much organic way, so that it doesn t feel as foreign to the res...

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Your fame, Godslayer, precedes you That name again Where did you hear that name I ask On the tongue of a dying angel, from the mouth of a storm king It is known Storm of Locusts is the second book of the Sixth World series, following and starts about a month after Trail of Lightning ends Maggie has been trying to keep busy working with the Thirsty Boys and hanging out with Tah, waiting for Kia She hasn t seen him, hasn t talked to him and has no idea how he is doing she also doesn t know if he forgives her after the events of the last book Waiting is hard.But Maggie isn t a damsel just waiting on Mr Right to come along, so she is keeping busy and there seems to be a new crazy in The Sixth World, by the name of Gideon He is the called the White Locust and is picking up followers to go with him to The New Land The entire thing seems very cult like and Kia might be with him No one knows if it is voluntarily or not but it seems very suspicious Kia even left Maggie a message that could al...

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    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum ve been running around for the whole of last year telling anyone who would listen that Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse is bar one the best thing to happen to urban fantasy in years To say I was excited to read the sequel is an understatement And now that I ve read it, I am pleased to report that the highly anticipated Storm of Locusts, like its predecessor, was just as fun and action packed, while still managing to feel new and breath fresh life into the genre.Four weeks have passed since the events at Black Mesa that saw Maggie defeat a god and save Din tah, but her actions have cost her greatly, including her friendship with Kai Arviso, the young medicine man with whom she had fallen in love Back at home with a lightning sword she s not quite sure how to use, Maggie tries to make the best out of her situation by once again taking on odd jobs After all, following the Big Water, there s always something monstrous that needs to be slain in the Sixth World So when whispers of a Navajo legend called the White Locust reaches Maggie s ears, she doesn t think much of it at first, treating the investigation like any other as she heads out with a crew to look into the rumors But what they find is much troubling Not only is the White Locust real, he has amassed himself a number of followers, creating ...

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    Roanhorse doesn t fail to entertain again This Urban Fantasy has quickly become one of my go to sources for popcorn fiction It has everything I really love A much unique setting than I usually get, reminding me of all my old stomping grounds where I used to grow up Well, before the coastlines altered and the earthquakes took down the cities and the plagues wiped out everyone else, anyway This is exciting, entertaining, full of gods of native persuasion, and some really funky cool happe...

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    Q Why did I read Trail of Lightning as soon as it came out and not wait for the sequel WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF A Because it was so flipping good.

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    Damn.Rebecca Roanhorse does not pull any punches From the very first page I was hooked again and her story keeps its relentless pace until the very end while still spending enough time with the characters for them to develop and for the scenes to hit the emotional notes they are supposed to hit This was, quite simply, incredible Now, I know I am far from an impartial judge, given that the first book in the series reignited my love for Urban Fantasy, but believe me when I tell you, that this second book was even better than the first and seriously impressive.Picking back up a few weeks after the events of the first book, this book delivers on all the promise Roanhorse s world showed I adore the matter of factness of a world not based on the usual fantasy fair but thoroughly different Roanhorse trusts her non Native readers to figure out stuff on their own in a way that I found refreshing and I am sure for Native readers this book delivers on a whole different level The worldbuilding is as intricate and immersive as before and this time around I thought the characters were equally interesting I loved the addition of Ben who brings out a side of Maggie we hadn t seen b...

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    I m just a five fingered girl and I need other people Maggie has come a long way since the beginning of A trail of lightening She has found acceptance, friendship and love The magic and clan powers continue to be unique and different and we find...

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzHave you not heard of The Sixth World series by Rebecca Roanhouse The first book is called Trail of Lightning and it developed a world with some amazing monster hunting action Maggie is a serious killer but she wants to change after meeting KaiThe PremiseStorm of Locusts is exactly as advertised in the premise Actually its amazingly accurate TBH I missed Kai in this book He was a welcome bit of softness in the hardness that was Maggie in Trail of Lightning This time around we don t get to meet him but for a short time Actually its fine though The girl power than makes up for it Rissa and Maggie have problems with one another and this is the time to work it all out It s time for a road trip And I wasn t disappointed with our trip beyond the Walls of Din tah its a dark, dark world out there Men like the White Locusts are just the types to take advantage We meet some new gods, make deals with old ones, blow things up and get involved in some really hinky experiments Then we have an explosive ending that made the entire trip MORE than worth the wild ride And we get a tantalizing little taste of what s to come in the 3rd installment of The Sixth World let s prepare for war You ...

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    I loved Trail of Lightning, the first book in Rebecca Roanhorse s The Sixth World series, and Storm of Locusts is an amazing follow up Picking up right from where book 1 left off, the story rejoins Maggie after the big fight at Black Mesa, where she battled a Navajo god and seemingly lost her only friend Now, mere weeks later, she s healing emotionally and physically, when she s called on by a sometimes ally to help with a bounty hunt that goes badly wrong After the bloody incident, Maggie has a new responsibility, her ally s niece Ben, a teen girl with clan powers of her own.Immediately on the heels of this event comes news that Kai has been kidnapped, and Maggie is soon on the trail of a cult leader whose powers include the ability to summon and control hordes of locusts Gross And scary Storm of Locusts ends up as a road trip quest kind of book, as Maggie, Ben, and Rissa, sister of the boy kidnapped along with Kai, set out to track their missing friends and get vengeance on the White Locust For the first time in these books, their search takes them outside the walls of Din tah and into the greater world beyond the Navajo people s protected lands, where corruption and extreme danger come in many forms, and where despite the strangeness of the new reality, the gods still have powers too.I m really adoring Th...

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