[PDF / Epub] ✩ A Vow of Silence (Sister Joan Mystery, #1) ☉ Veronica Black – Justinfoline.us

A Vow of Silence (Sister Joan Mystery, #1) Outstanding Publishers WeeklyA Sister Joan Mystery The Sisters At Lonely Cornwall Convent Share Chilling Secrets They Cannot ConfessSister Sophia Is Dead Sister Magdalen Has Vanished Sister Joan, Newly Transferred To The Convent To Investigate Its Mysterious Troubles, Begins To Suspect What She Hardly Dares To Name Blasphemyand Worse.

[PDF / Epub] ✩ A Vow of Silence (Sister Joan Mystery, #1)  ☉ Veronica Black – Justinfoline.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 217 pages
  • A Vow of Silence (Sister Joan Mystery, #1)
  • Veronica Black
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
  • 0804108145

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    Sister Joan of the Order of the Daughters of Compassion is sent to the Order s convent in Cornwall as a result of a cryptic letter received by the Prioress of her own Convent which seems to indicate there is something wrong Mother Frances the author of the cryptic letter is dead But when Sister Joan arrives at Cornwall House she soon finds there are other strange deaths which may or may not match their official descriptions.Joan is an interesting character with her own rebellious str Sister Joan of the Order of the Daughters of Compass...

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    I loved this I have a thing about nuns, having gone to a convent school years back, and this did not disappoint Veronica Black managed to recreate the mystique of the nunnery, despite the modern setting I was stunned by the quality of her writing, and loved the characterisation...

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    Probably a 3.5 from me as it rekindled memories of my convent education and I m a sucker for nuns and intrigue Not sure if I d buy into the whole series though, would feel a little bit claustrophobic in the cloisters

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    An interesting read, both demythologising the life of a modern nun and exposing an interesting theological conundrum, when someone with a limited theological education and an equally odd upbringing distorts the whole issue of feminism in the church Looking forward to what Sister Joan confronts next.

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    This books is set in pretty modern times, though it seems very foreign because it s in a convent The writing is very sparing, which helps impart the feeling of the setting as one where spiritual matters are supreme But the author does an excellent job of conveying the complexity of human...

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    CSI The Sound of Music.It has a ring to it, doesn t it Well, Veronica Black a pseudonym doesn t disappoint with heroine Sister Joan The protagonist is plucky, a little out of place in her tendency to disagree with her fellow Sisters as far as when things are funny usually in an ironic sort of way , and herrounded understanding of the outside world, thanks to her having entered the convent later in life than many of them It is her difference from her fellow nuns that leads her Pr CSI The Sound of Music.It has a ring to it, doesn t it Well, Veronica ...

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    An enjoyable mystery, if a little repetitive with the discovery and rediscovery of information, and a little too reliant on exposition heavy dialogue While some liberties have obviously been taken with convent life, it still felt pretty grounded Although I enjoyed this overall, I never really got caught up in the story or the characters.I would also give this book a content warning for suicide non explicit , and anti ace sentiments sex is natural, life without sex is inherently unnatural An enjoyable mystery...

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    An easy, enjoyable read but completely unbelievable from the moment we see a Mother Superior wearing pink nail polish Sister Joan is sent from the convent where she s trained to fill a vacant place as a teacher at an isolated convent in Cornwall, where things are not as they should be starting with the aforementioned nail polish Sister Joan is a feisty character and some of the points about adapting to the religious life are convincing and thoughtful, but the plot is completely crazy Fun in An easy, enjoyable read but completely unbelie...

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    I found this book a bit slow and simple, perhaps just in contrast to the Martha Grimes series I have been reading Good solid reading, even if the ending was telegraphed pretty far ahead of time Still there is something satisfying in sending off a perpetrator who will not be legally prosecu...

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    This mystery ultimately disappoints It starts off quite amusingly, with the likes of a feeble minded nun who thinks that wall stains are divine apparations of angels Sister Joan, the protagonist, is, in effect, one of the few sane people in a lunatic asylum But, the touch is quite comedic, at least at the start.The story turns ...

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