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Weird Me Once Upon A Time, I Was The Moderately Successful Teenage Webmaster Of A Weird Al Yankovic Fan Site From Minor Notoriety, To Jet Setting For Concerts, To Earning A Stalker, Weird Me Showcases The Awkward And True Intricacies Of An Adolescence Spent Carving Out A Corner Of The Internet Frontier In Dedication To The King Of Parody.

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    I loved this book so much The artwork was imaginative and there was one particular spread that was truly amazing.

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    I mostly liked this, but the narrative structure is a bit weird Like, I wondered if I d gotten a book where the pages were printed wrong weird, because threads just sort got picked up and dropped at random.

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    Note I am extremely biased by the subject matter, as I could relate to almost every panel in this graphic novel Although the author and I grew up in different decades, we found a weird Al at the same ...

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    I was really disappointed with this one The narrative is weirdly disjointed and erratic Just when you expect the storyline to pick up, the narrative jumps to something else I often found myself flipping back through the ...

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    Acquired at FlameCon a great graphic novel involving the Weird one and a tern s journey through obsession on the early internet.

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