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Ravaged by the Gargoyle Abigail Is Forced To Marry A Much Older, But Wealthy And Mysterious Man Completely Innocent And Untouched, The Young Woman Is Nervous About Pleasing Her New Husband, But Eager To Start A New Life Things Go Horribly Awry Her First Night In The Elegant Mansion When She Is Visited, Not By Her Husband, But By A Monstrous Creature Made Of Living Stone The Domineering Gargoyle Takes Command Of Abigail S Body He Teaches Her Pleasures She S Never Known, But At What Cost When She Uncovers The Truth Of Her Husband S Evil Plan, Will The Gargoyle Help Her Escape The Cursed Manor, Or Will He Be Content To Use Her Body For His Own Carnal Needs

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    What s the point SPOILERS Our heroine is sold in marriage to a rich man who siphons her youth through some unexplained spell that requires one of the stone gargoyles guarding the manor to have sex with her She s well and truly trapped What the gargoyle gets out of it is never explained On the third night, she asks the unnamed gargoyle to rescue her and, for whatever unexplained reason, he agrees He flies her to a place remote from her husband, drops her off with instructions for the next morning, has sex with her because her husband promised him three nights of fornication with her, and leaves This ends on a cliffhanger, although there s no indication of any continuing episodes There s no tenderness, little conversation, no depth to the characters There s no point to this story.Of further detriment,...

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