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Deadpool: Games of Death Pain Factor The Reality TV Game Show So Controversial, It S Been Banned Around The World Today, Eleven Desperate Men Will Travel To A Desert Island To Compete In A Series Of Outlandish Challenges That Will Leave One Of Them Rich And The Rest Of Them Dead Among The Competitors, A Certain Merc With A Mouth, Who S Been Hired To Investigate The Mysterious Disappearance Of A Millionaire S Son The Trail Ended Here For Junior, But Will It For Deadpool

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    Deadpool is my favorite like out of everything that s fake Hes just awesome What one of the things are why I like him and the story is cause he breaks the 4th wall a lot and it s really funny breaking the 4th...

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    Funny, witty, and random I understand now why my fianc loves these comic books This was my second Deadpool comic book so far so good

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    This was a quick, little one shot comic I love Deadpool and his snarky sarcasm I wish this had been longer, but it s a one shot after all.

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