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Holding Their Own Book IX Of Best Selling Author Joe Nobody S Series, Holding Their Own, Explores How Old Grudges And Long Simmering Social Divisions Could Threaten The Recovery Of Post Apocalyptic Texas.Bishop Hatches A Plan To Pull Terri Away From The Stressful Responsibility Of Managing The Alliance, But His Scheme Quickly Goes Awry The Couple Finds Themselves Isolated, Hunted, And In The Middle Of A Modern Day Range War.Nick Is Leading Bishop S Team While The Texan Is Away Bonding With His Family Sent On A Mission To Integrate Another Community Into The Alliance S Fold, The Operator Becomes The Subject Of An Extensive Manhunt His Life Depends On Grim, Cory, And Kevin Igniting An Uprising And Exposing The Foul Deeds Of A Ruthless Dictator The Salt War Takes The Reader On A High Speed, Low Drag Gallop Through A World Still Struggling With Social And Economic Recovery Join Bishop, Terri, And Their Friends As The Struggle To Rebuild Continues.

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    When it comes to a book series, I feel that it is wrong to judge a book individually Each book is just a small piece of the pie With every story, there are going to be parts of the story that you like and parts that you don t like You have to judge the series as a whole The Holding Their Own series ...

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    Great seriesThis series is so believable It has made me think about the fragility of our country Every night when I lay my head down, I thank our US military for my peace This series has made meaware of the need to prepare and be responsible for holding my own.

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    Another great readThis one is as good as the others in the series and you will enjoy it Be sure to read the others before this one.

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    High high energy and JN notes help with the intended lessons.Real page turner.

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