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The Oval World Rugby Has Always Been A Sport With As Much Drama Off The Field As On It For Every Thrilling Last Minute Jonny Wilkinson Drop Goal To Win The World Cup Or Jonah Lomu Rampage Down The Touchline For A Try There Has Been A Split, A Feud, Or A Controversy The Oval World Is The First Full Length History Of Rugby On A World Scale From Its Origins In The Village Based Football Games Of Medieval Times To The Globalized Sport Of The Twenty First Century, Now Played Over A Hundred Countries It Tells The Story Of How A Game Played In An Obscure English Public School Became The Winter Sport Of The British Empire, Spreading To France, Argentina, Japan, And The Rest Of The World, And Commanding A Global Television Audience Of Over Four Billion For The Last World Cup Final It Also Explores How American Football And Other Games, Such As Australian, Canadian, And Gaelic Football Emerged From Their English Cousin.Featuring The Great Moments In The Game S History And Its Legendary Names David Duckham, Serge Blanco, Billy Boston, And David Campese, Alongside Rupert Brooke, King George V, Boris Karloff, Charles De Gaulle, And Nelson Mandela The Oval World Investigates Just What It Is About Rugby That Enables It To Thrive In Countries With Very Different Traditions And Cultures This Is The Definitive World History Of A Truly Global Rugby.

[KINDLE] ❆ The Oval World  ❥ Tony Collins – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 560 pages
  • The Oval World
  • Tony Collins
  • English
  • 01 September 2018
  • 9781408843703

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    In 2006 The Ball Is Round A Global History of Football by David Goldblatt was published Nine years later, The Oval World is published as rugby s response.To mark the publication of the paperback edition the author did a talk and a series of blogs to promote the book In the second blog, The Oval World Anglo Saxon Rugby and Global Soccer , at least one aspect of the blog is incorrect Tony states that This trend can be seen by looking at the dates when the governing bodies for the football codes were formed Outside of the British Isles, only Denmark and the Netherlands had governing bodies for soccer before 1890 In the same period, governing bodies for rugby had been established in the British Home nations, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as for the rugby derived codes in Australia and the United States And, unlike soccer, international rugby matches were also being played across the hemispheres So according to Tony, only two countries Denmark and the Netherlands outside of the British Isles had Association Football governing bodies before 1890 While for rugby there were four countries Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa...

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    I really enjoyed reading this book A lot of information not only on history of rugby but also on the social and political context But don t worry it wasn t only about facts, Collins tells a lot of interesting stories about union and league and how they have been changing And it doesn t focus only on the big rugby nations I even found few passages on the beginnings of rugby in Poland The Oval World turned out also to be a great inspiration for further reading I need to check what is inside Tom Brown s Schooldays.I am not sure if this book could be enjoyed by someon...

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    As ever, Collins writes with clarity, intelligence and with the superb insight you d expect from the world s leading sports historian.

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    A fascinating insight into the origin of rugby in the 1800 s and the growth of the game around the world.

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    Great book, easy reading and not a standard History Book A must read

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    The Oval World is a rich and readable history of all forms of rugby, suitable for everyone from the recent convert to the fanatical club crest tattoo wearing devotee.The story unfolds methodically from the earliest days at the Rugby School to the present day, mostly in the form of anecdotes about famous players and matches Importantly, the book details less explored topics like the history of black South Africans in rugby and the evolution of early forms of rugby into the games of American and Canadian football Collins also examines the blight of racism and classism in the game throughout its history This is a holistic, warts and all history that examines rugby league, sevens and everything good and bad about the oval ball games.The only criticism I would level is that, personally, I would have liked both and less detail at times I was hoping for a detailed examination of the early Laws of the Game what rugby really looked like in the 19th century, but details are scarce I accept this may be due to a lack of real evidence.By the same token, a little less detail at certain points might have improved some chapters C...

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    For rugby fans only League and Union and those with a passing interest of the development of Australian Rules, American and Gaelic Football Given the scope of the book it is a relatively superficial skip through 150 years or so of a constantly developing sport, but i...

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    review to follow

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    ExcellentA go to book on the political and social history of union and league Top read Totally recommend this book.

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