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Old Herbaceous: A Novel of the GardenNato Sul Finire Dell Era Vittoriana, Bert Pinnegar Un Orfanello Goffo E Impacciato Con Una Gamba Pi Lunga Dell Altra Dopo Aver Trascorso L Infanzia Tra I Campi A Raccogliere Fiori Selvatici E A Evitare Contadini Arrabbiati, A Quattordici Anni Bert Inizia Il Suo Apprendistato Come Giardiniere Di Una Nobile Dimora E, Nel Corso Degli Anni, Ne Diventa Il Leggendario Capo Giardiniere Soprannominato Il Vecchio Gramigna La Sua Fama Valica I Confini Della Tenuta, Egli Il Giudice Pi Stimato In Qualsiasi Competizione Florovivaistica Nonch Il Mago Delle Coltivazioni Pi Bizzarre Le Sue Fragole In Aprile Sono Proverbiali, Cos Come Alcune Variet Di Fiori Dai Colori Inimitabili, Frutto Di Un Attenta E Puntigliosa Cura Che Lo Porta Spesso Ad Ingaggiare Vere E Proprie Dispute Sulla Fioritura Delle Begonie Inframmezzato Da Piccole Perle Di Saggezza Sulla Cura Delle Piante, Questo Romanzo Non Solo Un Intelligente E Comico Ritratto Di Un Personaggio Che Ricorder Ai Lettori Il Maggiordomo Jeeves, Ma Anche Un Omaggio Tenero E Nostalgico Alla Vita Di Campagna E All Arte Del Giardinaggio Visti Attraverso Settant Anni Di Cambiamenti Sociali.

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    The description makes this sound a bit arch, but really it s of a gentle storyAvailable for download at the Internet Archive.

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    I purchased this original 1950 s copy because of the John Minton artwork which is printed in green rather than the usual old black finish for this type of illustration.A novel about gardening A good read, uncomplicated and very relaxing Nothing epic happens it s just a pleasant read that allows one to relax and truely forget the world A beautiful pastoral pleasureWould I recommend this Maybe not it is a very acquired taste, like putting on an old and battered pair of sho...

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    I don t know how to review this book, because it was so different from anything I ve ever read It reminds me of so many books The Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, the Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley, Agatha Christie Miss Marple loved her garden , even the Downtown Abbey TV shows but it s not like any of those No murders take place in these greenhouses Written in 1951, it has recently been reissued It s a simple, quiet, quickly read story of the life of this man, Herbert Pinnegar, the head gardener at a manor house in England The story opens with him at the end of his life, looking back on everything he had gone th...

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    If you should happen to read this lovely book about the life of a curmudgeonly yet charming head gardener of an English country manor house and not be touched, there must be something wrong with you Perhaps some childhood trauma left you unable to feel unable to appreciate the graciousness of a noble heart well placed at last after an ignominious beginning This heartwarming I can t believe I used that corny word, but there it is work of fiction celebrates quietly the better par...

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    Free download mists be on the river bed,The roses all be gone And here be I, about to die,With Harvest coming on.Dear Lord, I ve traipsed some weary miles,I ll be main glad to rest awhiles.The folk ll soon be in the fieldsA getting in the grain For most of those, the time You ve choseBe awkerd in the main.Though not so bad, tis sure, for theyAs be a workin by the day.September be a better monthFor all the carter men And when I die don t signify,So let I bide till then The wagons ll be standing by,And there ll be time to bury I. from green FingersAgainOpening It was one of those mild autumn mornings when early mist had turned to soft rain and water dripped from everything No real touch of winter yet just a soft pause between the seasons, giving you the best of both Not too warm, as it had been not too cold, as it would be This was the time of year and the time of day that the old man loved best He couldn t get around so much now, but they had made up his bed by the cottage window, and there he would sit, half waking and half sleeping, dreaming of this and that.From where he sat, propped up among his cushions, he could see into the Manor gardens Not what they were not by a long chalk Mind you, it was only fair to admit they were still a bit short handed, and you had to t...

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    I don t know what it is about gardening books that so enthralls me since I m only a passable gardener myself I suspect a goodly portion of it is simply that I wish I were a genuinely green thumbed individual It s not that I haven t made an effort, starting with small plants I found while camping that I d attempt to transplant from their native mountain to my home soil Never successfully On to taking a horticulture class in college that I well and truly enjoyed Eventually, at one point, I decided my growing skills were best limited to children I was blessed to raise five , roses which I dearly love, and herbs which are somehow able to thrive in poor soil with very little care once they are established My three cultivating loves are still in that particular order my children, roses, and herbs And every so often, with expected regularity, I feel compelled to read yet another gardening memoir or novel, perhaps for the dreaming, or wishing, element it provides than from any real improvement in my skills Yes, this was still another gardening book of that sort, the kind that calls to me and allows me to fall under its spell and enjoy the fantasy that in another place and time, perhaps another life, my dream might have been realized A delightful novel of a young boy taken under the wing of the lady of the manor and who eventually grows up to be not only her head gardener, but her friend as well Sometimes laugh aloud funny and other times t...

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    La storia della vita di Hubert Bert Pinnegar, a cominciare da come cominciata la sua passione per i giardini lui un piccolo orfano, ma non ha intenzione di diventare contadino, anzi, per i contadini prova una sorta di ti antipatia , e di come il suo a per le piante lo abbia portato a essere il favorito della sua padrona che stata la pr...

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    A simple, short and sweet read Enjoy with a glass of lemonade after weeding your own little patch or pinching your own potted herbs and be glad for the little kindnessess that make the world bloom.

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    Yet another life at the manor house novel but this one is a bit different as the focus is on the head gardener This isn t great art or high literature whit it is a very fine novel the chronicles a singular life It is very well written with some truly fine passages.

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    I am becoming and fond of books about gardeners I will probably always be looking for another Henry , and never find him, but that s alright as long as I keep coming upon fellows like Old Herbaceous Chock full of charm how else to describe it A story about th...

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