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Forget-Me-Not Blues Destiel FanficSam And Jess Are Getting Married And Dean Couldn T Be Any Happier For Them Honestly, They Re Kind Of Disgustingly Perfect For Each Other And Dean S Pretty Damn Excited About Staying With Them The Week Before The Wedding He S Sam S Best Man, Of Course, And He Doesn T Even Mind That Jess Has Her Own Best Man To Share In All The Organisational Duties The The Merrier, Right Except Dean Must Have Done Something To Epically Piss Off The Universe Because Jess S Best Man Just Happens To Be Castiel Friggin Novak He S Got Even Hotter Since High School, But Apparently No Friendlier And If Cas Wants To Spend The Week Pretending Like They Ve Never Met Before Fine Two Can Play At That Game.Words 68689 CompleteArt By Serenada

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    Even though Dean and Cas are separated for much of the fic due to biggish misunderstandings, this is still very satisfying and enjoyable A good reminder that Destiel is another good reading destination Plus it led me to looking at several Jensen Ackles photos and gifs on P...

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this story Loved the way the author included so many characters and favorite moments lines from Supernatural without including any of the actual supernatural stuff The high school flashbacks kind o...

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    I adored this fanfiction, one of the cutest

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    What can I say, i m a sucker for Destiel Fanfiction.

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