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Fairy DreamsA Evie Vai Passar Uma Temporada A Casa Da Av E, Uma Noite, Faz Uma Descoberta Maravilhosa Descobre Que Os Sonhos V M Da Terra Dos Sonhos, Trazidos Pelas Fadas Que Moram Mesmo Por Baixo Da Sua Cama As Fadas Dos Sonhos E O Melhor De Tudo Que As Pr Prias Fadas A Levam Numa Fant Stica Viagem Terra Dos Sonhos, Onde Ela Conhece A Rainha Celeste.A Maior Surpresa, Por M, Acontece Quando A Evie Percebe Que A Av Tamb M Capaz De Ver As Fadas Mas, Ser Que As Fadas Ainda V O L Estar Quando A Av Regressar Do Hospital E O Que Poder A Evie Fazer Para Garantir Que A Magia Especial Que A Une Sua Av Perdure Para Sempre

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    I think this book is very good beacuse it amaganative it hasn t got any GORE in it that is another reason why i like it I aslo think that the author Gweyneth Rees is a very imaganative character in her, herself The story is about a girl named Evie and her family They have been to visit her nan and the day they got back they got a phone call saying that she has has a stroke So they go and live at her nans house whilst she is in hospital Evie sleeps in her nans bed and on the first night she has two fairy visitors Star and Moonbeam Evie has beleived in fairys all her life and knows they are very clever so she ask s them to tr and make her nan better , the fairys say that they can try ther...

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    I loved this book when I was little and I was absolutely thrilled to finally find it again this year I ve had the basic plot in my head for years but I couldn t for the life of me remember what it was...

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    this book just absolutely wrecked my whole shop really did not remember how it ended from the fifteen times i read it as a child

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    This book was very exciting and mysterious

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    i love this book.this is great.i thought i was going to the dream world.

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    This was my favourite among all The Fairy Dust books by Gwyneth I loved all of them, but this definitely was the star for me It was such a fun book I really loved the dream fairies I still remember their names, Moonbeam and Star and their shenanigans, from having kick ...

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    I read this series when I was about 7 or so I really enjoyed them at the time These books bring back so many memories of my younger childhood I remember I went on holidays during the school holidays to a beach, and I remember lying in bed, and reading these books They were some of my favourites

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    Really good to read

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    I read these books when I was much younger and they were so magically written that I believed in fairies Would highly recommend them

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