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Ice Ship In The Golden Age Of Polar Exploration From The Mid 1800s To The Early 1900s , Many An Expedition Set Out To Answer The Big Question Was The Arctic A Continent, An Open Ocean Beyond A Barrier Of Ice, Or An Ocean Covered With Ice No One Knew, For The Ice Had Kept Its Secret Well Ships Trying To Penetrate It All Failed, Often Catastrophically Norway S Charismatic Scientist Explorer Fridtjof Nansen, Convinced That It Was A Frozen Ocean, Intended To Prove It In A Novel If Risky Way By Building A Ship Capable Of Withstanding The Ice, Joining Others On An Expedition, Then Drifting Wherever It Took Them, On A Relentless One Way Journey Into Discovery And Fame Or Oblivion Ice Ship Is The Story Of That Extraordinary Ship, The Fram, From Conception To Construction, Through Twenty Years Of Three Epic Expeditions, To Its Final Resting Place As A Museum It Is Also The Story Of The Extraordinary Men Who Steered The Fram Over The Course Of 84,000 Miles On A Three Year, Ice Bound Drift, Finding Out What The Arctic Really Was In A Remarkable Four Year Exploration Of Unmapped Lands In The Vast Canadian Arctic And On A Two Year Voyage To Antarctica, Where Another Famous Norwegian Explorer, Roald Amundsen, Claimed The South Pole Ice Ship Will Appeal To All Those Fascinated With Polar Exploration, Maritime Adventure, And Wooden Ships, And Will Captivate Readers Of Such Books As The Endurance, In The Heart Of The Sea, And The Last Place On Earth With Than 100 Original Photographs, The Book Brings The Fram To Life And Light.

[[ BOOKS ]] ✫ Ice Ship  Author Charles W. Johnson – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Ice Ship
  • Charles W. Johnson
  • English
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9781611683967

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    a 4.5 rounded up.Of all possible fields of history from which to choose, polar exploration in its heyday is my favorite subject When I was a kid I was fascinated with explorers and would spend hours upon hours reading about them In the realm of polar expeditions, I got my start reading Roland Huntford s The Last Place on Earth, a true account of about the rush to the South Pole, and what turned out to be a race between Amundsen and Scott to plant their respective country s flag It was in that book where I first heard about the Fram and about Fridtjov Nansen, and I remember being quite impressed that Nansen had such foresight in building the perfect ship In this current book, author Charles W Johnson provides not only a look at Amundsen s expedition in the Fram, but also at the two other epic expeditions of the ship, its creation, the men who called it home for years on end, and its eventual fate Regular readers engaged in histories of polar exploration who are already familiar with Fram s voyages will still find plenty to like about this book The author picks up on some things Nansen glossed over in his Farthest North, the record of his...

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    Charles W Johnson s Ice Ship The Epic Voyages of the Polar Adventurer Fram is an attractive, well constructed book that just found its new home on my coffee table It is fully illustrated with photos chronicling the ship s adventures and crews The Fram was designed and built by Colin Archer for Fridtjof Nansen s Arctic expedition around 1892 It was also used for Otto Sverdrup s exploration of the Canadian Arctic islands as well as Roald Amundsen s expedition to the South Pole from 1910 1912 The Fram was built with the idea of travelling through icy waters in mind, and is believed to have travelled further south and north than any ship constructed of wood Since wood was not strong enough to handle the pressure of ice, Nansen came up with the idea to build a ship that could essentially float on the top of the ice due to its design I would say , but that would spoil the fun of finding and perusi...

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    In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free copy of Charles W Johnson s Ice Ship The Epic Voyages of the Polar Adventurer Fram from LT s Early Reviewers program.First off, this is a pretty nice coffee table style book with loads of great pictures of the Fram mired in the polar ice Johnson had a good idea for this book too uniting all of voyages of the Fram, a boat that was used to launch both North and South Pole expeditions, in one book The book gives a good overview of the Fram s three expeditions I m a bit of a nut about polar adventures I ve read first hand accounts by both Nansen and Amundsen so I was pretty familiar with...

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    A fascinating tale of the Fram and all who sailed on her A little overly detailed at times, and my biggest complaint was the format Usually coffee table sized books are full of photos, usually photos than text This one was mostly text I wanted photos, or else a book that was easier to hold while trying to read all the text I struggled with the weight of this book It would have been better normal sized.In other news, while finishing this book, the news reported that the Maud was being lifte...

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    Ice Ship uses the story of the ship Fram to retell the various epic voyages of exploration and survival in which it was involved If you ve read accounts of those voyages already, especially Nansen s Farthest North then you probably won t learn much from this book It is well written though and well produced with sufficient maps and a firm grasp of the chronology And you do come away knowing the Fram not just as a truly remarkable vessel but as a character...

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    I won this on GoodReads Ice Ship by Charles W Johnson tells of the epic artic voyages of the Fram a ship specially designed for polar expedition starting just before the turn of the century I was awed and inspired by the bravery of the crews on these voyages The b...

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    A fascinating read that focuses on the ship, Fram, itself, rather than just Nansen or Amundsen It s very thorough and very engaging, as one rarely realizes the role of the ship when reading just through separate biographies of the men involved It gets rather long towards the end, but m...

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