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Stone and Spark (The Young Raleigh Harmon Mysteries, #1) Fifteen Year Old Raleigh Harmon Finally Conquers Her Worst Fear By Trespassing And Can T Wait To Tell Her Best Friend, A Smart Mouthed Physics Genius Girl Named Drew Levinson Only Drew S Gone Really Gone Everybody Says Drew Ran Away But That Only Skyrockets Raleigh S Suspicions Drew Levinson Is The Least Impulsive Person She Knows.Armed With Her Rock Hammer, An Encyclopedic Knowledge Of City Criminal Codes, And A Stubborn Streak Wide As The Chesapeake Bay, Raleigh Scours Her Hometown For Clues But Not Even The Cops Are On Her Side Was Drew Meeting Somebody In Secret Escaping Her Loony Parents Or Is Raleigh S Hunch Dead On Her Best Friend Didn T Choose To Leave.Stone And Spark Is The First Book In The Raleigh Harmon Mystery Series Introducing The Girl Who Will Become A Forensic Geologist And FBI Agent Provided She Survives The High School Years.

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    Just finished this book for the second time, and it was just as enjoyable I stand by everything I said in my first review.LOVED Sibella hits the mark once again with this prequel to her awesome Raleigh Harmon series In Stone and Spark, Raleigh is fifteen and just starting to get into geology It was so neat to follow her at this age and nod my h...

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    If I could award this book than five stars, I would It kept me glued to the pages all day I was not surprised, though, since I am truly a fan of this gifted author and her intrepid heroine, Raleigh Harmon It was a unique treat to be able to join fifteen year old Raleigh on one of her first big mysteries, even while five of her grown up sagas reside on my bookshelf She is such a real person to methe writing is that good Where do I begin, in reviewing the book I need to tell you that I had to go back and reread the last three chapters to make sure I got the sequence of events The first time I read it, the angst was so gripping and the fear was so realthe suspense was really killing me I was reading way too fast, just to make sure that Raleigh was going to be okay The whole book unfolds in typical Sibella Giorello style, though There are all the subplots of Raleigh s relationship with her dad, Raleigh s relationship with her mother, and then the new relationship she is just beginning with the interesting ...

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    Could Not Put This Down Raleigh s frustration and anger with her professor Teddy s seemingly reluctant help with the search parallels her ambivalent relationship with God The red herrings are plentiful I was completely surprised with the ending Excellent thought provoking mystery

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    This is a great prequel to the Raleigh Harmon series It gives background to Raleigh that helps understand her All Raleigh Harmon fans need to read this one.

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    Stone and Spark is a six star book

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    I pushed myself to finish this book mainly because I couldn t stand not knowing how it would end On a general rating I might give this three stars because it held my attention and there were some great moments throughout, but because of content and lack of Spiritual content, I was pretty disappointed by this book What I didn t like There were at least a half a dozen profanities of God s name Guys, that s not okay at all Several uses of one swear word, as well as a couple other euphemisms that just aren t nice Not okay There were a couple moments of prayer and one scene at church that was actually really good , but at the same time it felt so lacking I don t know, it felt like Raleigh should have learned a lot things from the whole experience It would have been a big boost for the story Raleigh does a lot of lying and going behind her parents Once again, not very encouraging for teenagers who want to do what s right Even at the end she didn t seem extremely bothered that she lied especially because her wrong actions end so well There are a couple other reasons why I would be hesitant to hand this book to someone There are a couple conversations about a rape pretty non detailed , and a couple scenes of worldly lifestyles that once again made it seem like a general fiction book.I did like Raleigh pretty well, and DeMott was a nice fellow, except it was strange he would consider sp...

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    I really enjoy these Harmon mysteries This is my second, but this one differs from the first in that this is about when Raleigh is just a teen Even so I found myself pulled into the story and it was just as hard to put down as the first one I read The Stones Cry Out The writing is so insightful For example when Raleigh has a conversation with a fellow classmate, Tinsley, whom she distrusts for good reason, she describes her this way I notice her skinnot a blemish I decide evil had to look this good or else we would immediately recognize it It reminded me of something I read in Proverbs that very day.Raleigh has a thing for geology and uses that to put the pieces together to solve the mystery of her missing bestfriend You would, of course, expect there to be some talk about rocks and soils One of the clues is about an unpronounceable kind of rock called, Petersburg Batholith This is how it is defined Typically a homogenous pluton but subdivides into four distinct units Granite gneiss, foliated granite, megacrystic granite, porphoryti...

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    Raleigh Harmon is a fifteen year old high schooler who doesn t have friends except for her best friend, Drew Levinson The two girls bonded a few years back because they share the same brainy intelligence and similar family issues When Drew goes missing, Raleigh has a difficult time getting anyone to consider that Drew has been abducted including Drew s dysfunctional parents Will Raleigh be able to solve Drew s disappearance before it s too late I enjoyed this book on many levels I love books that place girls in strong, intelligent roles and this one definitely does this Although there were slight romantic undertones, they never took over the bulk of the book The characters are genuine and realistic The author s writing is witty, intelligent and engaging All of these things combined make a compelli...

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