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CathedralSt Patrick S Day, New York City Everyone Is Celebrating, But Everyone Is In For The Shock Of His Life Born Into The Heat And Hatred Of The Northern Ireland Conflict, IRA Man Brian Flynn Has Masterminded A Brilliant Terrorist Act The Seizure Of Saint Patrick S Cathedral Among His Hostages The Woman Brian Flynn Once Loved, A Former Terrorist Turned Peace Activist Among His Enemies An Irish American Police Lieutenant Fighting Against A Traitor Inside His Own Ranks And A Shadowy British Intelligence Officer Pursuing His Own Cynical, Bloody Plan The Cops Face A Booby Trapped, Perfectly Laid Out Killing Zone Inside The Church The Hostages Face Death Flynn Faces His Own Demons, In An Electrifying Duel Of Nerves, Honor, And Betrayal.

[ Read ] ➵ Cathedral Author Nelson DeMille – Justinfoline.us
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  • 13 June 2017
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    In the early 80s a group of Irish terrorists seize St Patrick s Cathedral and take hostages during New York s St Patrick s Day parade It s hard to believe that this never got adapted into a movie starring Bruce Willis.Maybe it s because this isn t the story of a single action hero trapped with a group of bad guys In fact, this is like The Taking of Pelham One Two Three than Die Hard with its depiction of how political agendas and public relations creep into a hostage situation It seems like this early novel of DeMille s was influenced by the gritty 70s New York crime films as well as the terrorist attacks of the time, and so it plays out differently than you d expect in this era where we expect these stories to center on the lone bad ass stuck in a situation with a group of enemies.Reading a book about terrorism in America written before 9 11 also makes you realize how the times have changed It s kind of hard to believe these days, but there was a time when many Americans had a certain amount of sympathy for the IRA and were one of the chief sources of their funding While the book does feature the idea the terrorists are ...

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    Gut gemachter Thriller mit zahlreichen berraschenden Wendungen, von daher gehe ich auch nicht weiter ins Detail Der Roman wird in der deutschen Wikipedia sogar ausf hrlicher behandelt als in der englisch...

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    In the early 1980 s during the annual St Patrick s Day parade, a group or IRA terrorists take over Saint Patrick s Cathedral in Manhattan and proceed to demand that a list of jailed IRA members be released before several bombs are detonated at dawn the next day There are four hostages including high ranking clergy as well as the former girlfriend of the terrorist mastermind It s a nice set up for a major action movie of the 1980 s and for me it was a welcome change from the post 9 11 middle eastern brand of terrorism.I ve been a fan of Nelson DeMille s work for a number of years now and purposely sought out this one which I had just not quite gotten around to yet It s an older DeMille novel, first published in 1981 and not as humorous as his later works There are no wise ass characters like John Corey or Daniel Mac MacCormick from DeMille s latest novel, The Cuban Affair, but one can see some of their traits in several characters here I found the most intriguing character to be John Hickey, a long time IRA activist who gets to act as a long winded snarky spokesperson with the media DeMille does a great job with depicting the vastness of the cathedral itself and the action that takes place within ...

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    The paranormal aspect was completely unnecessary, preventing me from giving it 5 stars.

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    Cathedral was one of DeMille s early books It was first published in 1981 As I read the book, I continued to note how different the story is, pre 9 11, from current writings.I also compared this book to The Marching Season by Daniel Silva, another story about the Troubles in Northern Ireland.A former member of the Provisional IRA, turned reformer and member of Amnesty International Maureen is in New York to speak upon the occasion of St Patrick s Day On the day itself, she is standing in front of St Patrick s Cathedral in New York along with the British Counsel General, reviewing the parade up Fifth Avenue, when a struggle breaks out among the parade participants, distracting viewers and police alike A small band of Provisionals take the parade reviewers captive in St Patrick s, including the archbishop and the local priest, Maureen, and Sir Harold Baxter, the Counsel General ...

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    This was my least favorite Nelson DeMille book It started out well DeMille was able to romanticize the IRA and their cause to hook the reader before it moved to present day NYC From here, things started to unravel.First, the names Way too many characters And they all have Irish namesFitzgerald, Finnegan, Flynnit was near impossible to keep up with them and try to remember which one was the IRA terrorist and which was the NYC investigator Top that off with a few of the characters also having Irish aliases, and it was beyond frustrating.Next, the deadline of 6 03 am seemed so closeand yet those few hours dragged on for about 70% of the bo...

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    I wanted to like this book because DeMille is my leading guilty pleasure these days.But I couldn t finish it The droning, consistently overwrought roll in the hay he has with being Irish and the Irish mentality I never want to read about the color green again.Take your leprechauns, your Saint Paddy s day, and your IRA with guns and go home It was also very difficult to take to bed because the names all wash together in a great potato and beer sea of Irishness.Jean O Sullivan, Paddy O Shea, Brian Sulley, etc etc those aren t even the names I just can t r...

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    Another oldie, but a goodie by one of my top 10 authors Cathedral takes place partly in Ireland, for the first few chapters, then for the rest of the story, at the St Patrick s Cathedral in New York City on St Patrick s Day During the St Patrick s Day Parade, IRA member Brian Flynn has devised a diabolical terrorist act, will the help of his Irish Comrades, Flynn has taken over the Cathedral, taking hostages inside, one of the hostages being the former love of his life, Maureen Malone Flynn s demands, the release of his IRA comrades in Northern Ireland.The NYPD is up against the IRA, who has booby trapped the Cathedral with hidden bombs, and Lieutenant Patrick Burke is in charge of the situation, while hunting for a traitor within the Police Department, and shadowy British Intelligence officer Bartholomew Martin with his own hidden agenda, it s a night of terror and suspense I enjoyed the Irish setting I m part Irish, not that that matters, HAHA , and t...

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    Not as good as By the Rivers of Babylon it s one of those compilation books Actually Cathedral is not very good at all It s a story that you know how it s going to end, but you think the ride there is going to be full of fun and Irish bullshit and typical DeMille biting wit And it s just not Wow, this man gets so much better as he gets older, thank God I have a whole shelf of DeMilles to attest that.Nobody writes male female back and forth better than DeMillelater in his career But I guess he and we readers have to suffer through the sappy crap first, like Spencerville and this Cathedral Fascinating to witness the development of an authorthis is the same man who later writes, and really gets cookin with Charm School, General s Daughter, and Plum Island.If I had a drink in my hand right now, I would toast men who are...

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    4.5 stars A great read but, what else would you expect from Nelson DeMille I loved it

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